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  1. Guru86

    Newbie help needed

    Thanks for all advice guys
  2. Guru86

    Newbie help needed

    Hi yes I tried focussing a few times but maybe was too much in. I'll try again tonight hopefully
  3. Guru86

    Newbie help needed

    Hi guys sorry for late reply been away then lost website I took it out last night and found mars....with my 12mm and 4mm it was just a round circle of light. However when I took eyepiece out and looked through I could see a pink/red planet. Am I using wrong eyepiece or just poor telescope? Thanks for previous advice I will look for the books
  4. Good afternoon I have had a telescope for a while now but feel not getting full use of it as not seeing much. I have a meade 60az with a 4mm 12mm and barrow lens. I tend to always use the 12mm piece. I got moon done .... easy right. I tried viewing saturn other night but just got a round fuzzy blob like when looking at a star. Also all planets seem to be very low.... I use the skyview free app to find planets. I have also tried on many occasions to find m31 but with no joy. Looking around on internet can't find basic guide of what eyepiece to use and how to get started. Can someone please advise on basic use of which eyepiece to use for planets? Or a good guide to read for starting off? Thanks

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