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  1. sorry for the low precision , i want to do deep sky ap and the mount has to be an goto eq
  2. hello i want to start in deep sky astrophotography but i can´t decide witch of these telescopes i should buy first (I don´t want to start with something to basic to avoid any limitations in the future) -Explore Scientific Maksutov-Newton telescope MN 152/740 OTA -Explore Scientific Apochromatic refractor AP 80/480 ED Alu OTA -Orion Ritchey-Chretien RC 152/1370 Astrograph OTA -William Optics Apochromatic refractor AP 61/360 ZenithStar 61 Golden OTA my current camera is a canon 700D/t5i (non-modified) and the mount will be one of those 3 -Celestron Mount AVX G
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