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  1. Well Steve I honestly don’t think that it is reckless for any of us shoppers to avoid paying VAT and duty on the items we import. Perhaps you could explain that one. You’re not pulling my leg are you?? Did you ever pay someone in cash for some job about the house? What if I said you were being reckless unless you ensured that said person paid their income tax and NI contributions. John, you are very lucky to have a “local dealer”. I live in London and last time I looked there wasn’t any local dealers. I’ve just remembered there is one but that was who I was referring to in an earlier cont
  2. Yes, the practise is illegal but if you parked your car for a shopping trip and you got back 10 minutes after your alotted parking time you have also probably comitted an illegal act. Can't imagine too many being that bothered. Avoiding duty and VAT on imported items would probably fall into the same category. That reminds me, I bought a TeleGizmo scope cover a few years ago and when it arrived there was no duty or VAT to pay. Did I feel guilty or lose sleep?? An astro dealer not a million miles from here had, more or less, a similar cover in stock but didn't get the sale because he couldn't b
  3. Ant This was a point made by one of the dealers a few years ago when this subject was raised on another forum. Of course, you would expect them to try and justify their prices, afterall everyone is entitled to make a living. Personally, I only purchase from UK dealers if it's absolutely necessary.
  4. I cannot see how using equipment in a country, other than in which it was bought, invalidates the guarantee and my point was that it would be interesting if someone actually challenged this. Personally I consider this a myth but there you go.
  5. It’s one of those issues that does your head in if you think about it too much. So best not to. Interestingly, a while back when we had nearly $2 to the pound I didn’t notice a big drop in prices over here. Probably because it might be argued that to keep an eye on exchange rates, and adjust prices accordingly, would be cumbersome to say the least. I have bought gear direct from US in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again if the price was right. I think the “guarantee” argument is suspect with most of the astro gear we buy. For example I wouldn’t lose any sleep over an eyepiece or sm
  6. Don't know the answer to this question. However, over the last few years I've bought a fair amount of TV product and have been very impressed with every piece of gear I've bought. So, until I buy something that dissapoints me, the answer to your question is "YES". I have also bought a lot of William Optics stuff and most of it has been a let down for one reason or the other. WO legendary "customer care" was also found wanting and it is for these two reasons that I no longer buy any of their products. Stan
  7. Another vote for the Telegizmo 365 here. Bought mine direct from manufacturer a few years ago. He made me a special size at no extra cost and when it entered UK it managed to avoid the the dreaded customs charge! What a result. Great piece of workmanship and worth every penny.
  8. The UK’s best telescope dealers. I bought my first telescope from them in 1972 but I think you’ll find it is some time since Telescope House (Fullerscopes) have made telescopes. Dudley Fuller started off around 1963 in Finchely/Golders Green. Story is he received help and encouragement from other UK telescope makers, H N Irving from west London and Henry Wildey from north London, and the Glaswegian firm of Charles Frank & Co. After copying the design of the GE offered by the firm in Scotland he then undercut them and Charles Frank & Co went bust. If memory serves P.Moore’s 5” refractor
  9. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Dubai was the most light-polluted city on Earth, or, it may be that the astronomy group there told me (I've been there a few times). Anyway, it would seem the OP has done a runner so I guess we will never know his reasons for wanting to purchase a scope there.
  10. No. I've not had a bad experience but was curious why a visitor to Dubai would consider buying a telescope there. The OP has not said where he lives but cannot think of a good reason to buy something in Dubai instead of his home territory. A pair of binos then maybe but a telescope costing a few hundred quid, or more, a definite no.
  11. Why would you want to buy a telescope in Dubai? I'd be very careful about buying anything of value in Dubai. Anyway, there is a group of amateurs in Dubai and perhaps you ought to contact them for advice. Google it and see what you get.
  12. Great idea. However, I think you'll find that South West Optics in Truro haven't sold astro gear for some time, although they do sell telescopes so, strictly speaking, it is a telescope shop but not in the sense we all mean. Hope that makes sense!! Stan
  13. Twenty of your English pounds will buy you the Palstar from Nevada Radio. If I understand you correctly you want to run your dew heater off the mains via a cigar type socket. Or, for an additional ten English pounds you can buy its bigger brother. I have had a couple of these for a few years now and have never had any trouble. Stan http://www.nevadaradio.co.uk/acatalog/Palstar_PS-04.html
  14. Having seen quite a few piers now from various members on the group I thought I’d ask a few questions as I am thinking of finally replacing my Giant Field Tripod. It would seem that bolting a pier to a slab of concrete is the preferred option as this method will allow the pier to be removed in the event of a house move. I say “bolting” and I see that there are two ways in order to achieve this; setting threaded rods into wet concrete, or bolting the pier to the concrete when it has set. Which is the best method? I would think the latter is the easiest way as a mistake at this stage is not so c
  15. Why won't you leave it in the shed?? Stan
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