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  1. Come along to this event to get great advice about how to use your new (or dusty) telescope. There will be plenty of space to set up equipment, plenty of parking and chance to observe through your scope if clear.
  2. Just got back in after observing it from West side of the Malvern hills. Good horizon and was a fairy easy object in bins, couldn't see it at all with the naked eye. Would estimate that the tail that I could see was about 10 arc mins long. Pleased to have seen it.
  3. Getting close now, let's hope for a cloud free evening!
  4. Around 30 members of the public attended last night despite almost total cloud cover. However, we were treated to several spells of almost clear skies and views of Jupiter, M42 and M45 were available through society memeber's telescopes. Fingers crossed for a clearer evening tonight, at least the forecast looks more promising! See you there.
  5. Fingers crossed for some clear nights. See you there.
  6. Hi uplookers The skywatcher EVOSTAR-150 (EQ5) Does anyone own one ? Yes Any good or bad points ? Mount fine for visual and webcam. Tube almost 5ft long Finder awkward since it is mounted on the focusser. Nice views - it does have some CA but it depends how much that offends you. Rack and pinion focusser ok, i am saving up for the crayford upgrade. Can I get software to drive / guide the EQ5 from a computer I have the RA and Dec drives and just let that cancel out Earth's movement. I use the clutch to move tube large distances. Does mean that you need to learn the sky. You would need the synscan upgrade to computer control. Would this type of scope be suitable for a first scope ? Probably not - I would probably suggest a 4 inch frac or 6 inch newt, learn the sky and then decide which "specialism" interests you. Many thanks Have the opportunity to buy this setup for £310 , 2 years old with little use Very good price tho'
  7. Hi F15Rules, My Evostar is in the newer black and white livery. I have it mounted on a standard EQ5 which I find ok for visual and webcam work, though we always aspire to have better. I have been following your thread about fitting the crayford focusser, very interesting. This is something that I may well consider in the future. I think that I missed a good observing night last night. Clear but bright at 10pm and still clear here at 4am (don't ask ) Rain from about 6am - still going.
  8. Hey, what a great first (and second) light report. You certainly made the most of the short nights. When you have a good session it really does put a smile on your face. It is good to hear how other people get on with the Evostar 150, I bought one in February and have been very pleased with it. I would concur with your experience with double stars, this 'scope does exceptionally well and can take high magnification (seeing permitting). I got a 6mm University optics ortho eyepiece at SGL6 and find that a very nice combination for planetary work.
  9. I have an Evostar 150 mounted on the EQ5 and find it fine for visual use. Haven't ever worried about it blowing over etc. Though I must say that at SGL6 on the windy Friday night I didn't set up I also find the mount adequate for webcam imaging with 1/10 second exposures.
  10. I agree with the comments already made but will chip in another thought. If you are looking at objects near the zenith where there is the least atmosphere, with a newt you will have the eyepiece at the highest point, with the frac it will be at the lowest point. Think about the viewing position since the longer you spend at the eyepiece the better the view and the more comfortable you are the longer you will spend looking at these elusive dim DSOs.
  11. There were lots of highlights for me, but the most memorable will be catching a glimpse of Mercury for the first time on Saturday evening. There were about 8 of us gathered around the riverbank watching that elusive object. It was a shame that I couldn't make it out with the naked eye though. I guess that now makes me one of the 7% of humankind that has seen our innermost planet.
  12. Good shot, glad that you managed to get something after spending so long under your towel. Thought that you had fallen asleep at one point. Cheers, Andrew (caravan next door, lol)
  13. I will add my thanks to those that made SGL6 possible. My first SGL and I must say a lot warmer than Kielder! Entertaining and informative talks, plenty of tea and cakes, BBQ and a fantastic quiz. Excellent. Can't wait until next year!
  14. Very nice image Mike. Here's hoping we get a few more holes in the cloud today, it is meant to cheer up a lot this afternoon. Caravan almost loaded, decided not to take the 200P. Heading onto the roads about 3pm. Should see you all at about 4.
  15. Not being a jaffa cake expert I didn't realise that Cadburys made a version, so a couple of packs fell into the trolley this evening whilst doing the shopping. It seems the only true test is the taste test...
  16. Voted. Looks like it will be busy on Thursday afternoon. Can I please book some clear skies too.
  17. Nice one. Looks like you were imaging at about the same time as me, the light spill into Clavius looks almost identical to my shot.
  18. Pretty clear here in Worcestershire, just came in for a cuppa. Shame about the LP tho.
  19. How are you going to use the dark skies is a very good point. It is very easy to get so into the fact that you are going to a star party only to arrive and when (please please) the skies clear you suddenly wonder what to actually point your 'scope at. Of course the usual suspects are always worth a look but it is possible to get so much more out of the event with just a little planning and use of some planetarium software. Don't forget to take your current issues of the astronomy mags as well. Hehe, just a thought, a good auroral display would be a mixed blessing!
  20. Booked for Thursday - Saturday nights. Cheque will be in the post tomorrow. I have attended 3 Kielder star parties but this will be the first that doesn't involve a 500 mile round trip (sounds like a Proclaimers song). Oh yes, expensive day for me, took delivery of the Evostar 150 I've had my eye on for the last few months.
  21. It was my first Astrofest so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. However, as previously stated I didn't find many true bargains so my wallet was only reduced by the price of a couple of coffees.
  22. I agree with Mike. Good attendance and the free handouts were indeed worth it. The 2nd event is on tonight.
  23. Hi, Just a quick question, are there any electric hookups? Thanx
  24. A great day, good to meet up and see some faces. Time seemed to run more quickly than normal in the science block, it was difficult to believe that each talk was 90 minutes long! Nice one!
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