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  1. Hi Graham I'm looking to purchase the WO 16mm can you tell me where you have seen them on offer please? £79 seems a bargain! Thanks Lepus
  2. Thanks everyone UWAN's it is:D Is the 16mm the best one to start with? Lepus
  3. Hi all I have been informed by my boss that I have been awarded a prize of £100 for passing an exam with a distinction:headbang: I would like to put this money towards a new eyepiece/eyepieces now this is where my dilemma begins... My main interests are planets (already decided on the SPL 6mm for this one) and DSO's. Now do I buy two SWAN's or do I treat myself to the UWAN? I have the skyliner 200p dob if this helps.
  4. lepus

    Hello from Kent

    Hi Emz Welcome to the forum, from another Kent dweller. Lepus
  5. lepus


    Hi Lex Welcome to SGL I have got a Capricorn 70 too, a birthday present back in January it is a good starter scope and it will show you some amazing sights. I have already got aperture fever and just upgraded to the skyliner 200P dob:). There is lots of advice available on the forum about different scopes and everybody is freiendly so don't be afraid to ask. Clear skies Kelly:icon_salut:
  6. Ashford also has an astronomical society I think they hold their meetings in Woodchurch.
  7. Hi Mick Will be posting pics as soon as I get home from work. Can I just ask what does first light mean? I've seen it mentoned a few times now:iamwithstupid: Kelly
  8. I'm sooo excited I have just ordered from the lovely Steve at FLO the Skyliner 200P dob . Being delivered on Monday in case you haven't already guessed! Can't wait to go out and start observing now I need to decide what to look at first:icon_scratch: Kelly
  9. lepus

    sketching equipment

    Thanks for the good advice everyone it is very much appreciated. I think a trip into good old Smiths is needed at some point this week! Bizibilder and Talitha thanks for sharing your sketches they are certainly something to aspire too. Hopefully some day soon I can share my sketches with you. Clear skies Kelly
  10. I've been thinking about which imaging route to go down and I've decided to go give myself a bit of a challenge (a challenge because I'm no artist!) and go down the sketching route. So this a question for all you sketchers out there what equipment do you recommend for a newbie sketcher? Kelly
  11. I set the scope up at six and go out at seven and finish up at about ten due to frustration with the EQ mount and work commitments
  12. Dweller25 Wow amazing sketches the views are certainly not dissapointing. Other than the sticktion? is the dob base difficult to operate? Kelly
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