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  1. Great post, thanks for compensating for my apparent laziness! That's very interesting and something that would be great for my family too! I've always been interested in the planets, galaxies, the universe etc. and I always look at the stars in my garden at all times of year (South of France in a quiet village with not much light pollution). I sometimes use my binoculars but I need an attachment for my camera tripod, so that will be my first purchase. I'm just not sure if I'll stick with it once I've seen the major planets, and if my expectations are too high (they were slightly curtailed by the first reply!). I'm currently on holiday and walking the dog in the mountains at night and early morning and I've been looking at Mars, Venus and Jupiter and wishing I could get a better look at them (forgot the bino's...). I'm just not sure what the interest is after you've found the major objects; looking at 'fuzzies' doesn't seem that appealing after the initial 'ahh, I've found it!" moment if you can't see much detail. I would love to have observed the recent blood moon and I quite fancy getting into astrophotography with my Nikon dslr, but being able to observe a decent amount of detail in nebulae and spiral galaxies, etc. really appeals to me but it doesn't seem to be achievable with a medium priced telescope (looking at the Sky Watcher 8" or 10" Dob). Anyway, thanks for the advice, sorry about the slightly disjointed post (had a few beers on the beach). I'll do more research on this site and hopefully come back with more questions if I make the purchase. Thanks!
  2. Hi Are the images of Andromeda and other deep space objects visible through the telescope at a similar level of detail and colour or is this only achievable by layering many long-delay images over each other?
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