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  1. Hi and welcome from a fellow Norwich resident.
  2. I must agree. Don't think its just limited to astro supplies, seems like a lot of retailers don't care about customer service. Have had better service with items purchased on ebay at times. Mark
  3. Thanks for all the replies, reckon i may have to order one. Mark
  4. Are these any good for use with an 8'' DOB ? Also what size eyepiece to start with. Thanks Mark
  5. jaspa

    Hi From London

    Hi and welcome. :wave: Mark
  6. jaspa

    Hi from Leeds

    Hi and welcome. Mark
  7. jaspa

    Hi from Cheshire

    Hi and welcome. Mark
  8. jaspa

    Hello from Crawley.

    Hi and welcome. Mark
  9. jaspa

    Hello from Suffolk

    Hi and welcome. Mark
  10. Congratulations Moondog. Sounds like everbody is either going to NZ or wants to go.
  11. jaspa

    Hello all :)

    Hi and welcome. Mark
  12. jaspa

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome. Mark
  13. jaspa


    Hi and welcome. Mark
  14. Was the skywatcher 200 HEQ5 not £530 (minus 10% =£477) before the price change, and now £525 without any discount. seems like an increase to me, just over 9% if my maths are correct. Sorry don't wish to sound like i am complaining as you do offer a great service.
  15. Steve Are the prices on your website up to date, looking at the 200 heq5. is this just a short term offer.
  16. jaspa

    Hi all

    Hi and welcome.
  17. Seems like hardly anything is compatable with vista, i wont bother with it for a long time.
  18. jaspa


    Hi and welcome
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