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  1. Thank you everyone for their advice and input. There's a lot of take in and digest.
  2. Hi all, I currently have an 8" Newtonian by Orion that I've had a number of years and happy with, however my scope has seen better days (a bit of rust, missing knobs, one of the rubber feet went missing into the lawn somehow) so trying to decide what to do. I'm one of those "dont have much time" star gazers so I'd be looking for a tripod that can align itself for the most part and has goto functionality (This doesn't mean I will use it all the time since i like to explore). I also find the current tripod difficult to move around due to the weight of the counter weights. Recently I've been toying with the idea of going with a 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain but research shows that can be difficult if viewing objects overhead but shouldn't be much of an issue if doing photography. Obviously the eyepeice for the Newtonian can end up in strange positions too. As far as photographing I want to capture it all, the Moon, planets, clusters, nebula, DSOs etc. The budget on the scope/tripod is about $2000-2500 though I don't have to spend of that, of course, especially if the best advice is just to stick with the 8" and get a new tripod. On the camera side, I've not really decided or even looked into that. I guess something digital that I can attach to the laptop and control from there as far as apature size and exposure duration etc...I don't really know. Right now, I'm open to suggestions and options. Specific recommendations are appreciated. Thanks, Nigel
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