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  1. Thanks was wondering how to do that
  2. Managed to get an imaging session from my back garden today before the snow started coming down. This was taken with the CPC800 and the Phillips SPC900NC Webcam no barlow. UV/IR filter fitted. Resolution=640x480 Frame Rate (fps)=10.00 Colour Space / Compression=I420 Exposure=-9 Brightness=64 Contrast=30 Saturation=16 Gamma=14 ColorEnable=255 BacklightCompensation=255 Gain=29 I had to lighten the levels first before processing. Around 150/1000 stacked frames. I think it has turned out pretty well. Paul Theophilus_ Crater.tif
  3. When they state the size of a crayford Focuser such as 2" or 3" they are talking about the opening for the Eyepiece or other attachments, is that correct or is it the amount of travel the focuser has? Reason I ask I noticed some scopes now have 3" why is that? Thanks Paul
  4. HOw did you take this photo was it with your dslr and scope or the dslr and its own lens?
  5. Hello, I have a CPC800, a webcam and a bahtinov mask and would like to image the moon. The only trouble is focus does not seem to be that great, so I bought a mask to allow me to get the focus correctly but I cannot seem to get the 6 lines you need to bring the horizontal line to the intersection of the 2 diagonal lines. Question is how do I use the mask. Do I 1. Get a star in the centre of my scope using an eyepiece 2. Swap over to the webcam - This is where I see no star what do I need to do? or do I 1. Set it up during the day and focus it up on a target then wait till the moon comes around. I use sharpcap TIA Paul
  6. Would the Equinox Pro be better? Reason I ask is the FLO website states "The EVOSTAR DS-PRO Series ED Apochromatic refractors in their new Black-Diamond livery feature the same premium optics as the Skywatcher Equinox series, making them superb instruments for both imaging and visual observations. " What makes the Equinox Pro more expensive? Ta Paul
  7. I read that the skywatcher Quatrro is a scope only for experienced people can anyone tell me the reasons why? Thanks Paul
  8. And they don't carry very much of that either
  9. The first 2 images of the full moon were with a DSLR through the Eyepiece, hand held instant snaps, would be better if set up with a tripod.
  10. I took them at 320 x 240, I need to change that next time the bright one pokes its head above and the clouds play ball.
  11. see for my moon http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-lunar/174387-first-moon-images-webcam-dslr.html Paul
  12. have you tried this: Buy Cheap Astronomy at Morgan Computers you can mod these for long exposure, but they are suited for planets and the moons. not done much myself but did some moon stuff Paul
  13. Just tried this out in the house and I get 30 FPS on both my Desktop and laptop that I use outside. Once these pesky clouds ****** off and the moon comes out, DSLR instead of the Webcam will be getting tried out. Maybe saturn/Jupiter will look good Paul
  14. When using the above can you use it on the end of a dew shield or does it need to be on the end of a telescope? Thanks Paul
  15. Hi, I picked up an Orion Tele Extender on ebay really cheap for less than a Tenner it is pristine.* The only trouble is it does not fit over any of my Eye Pieces.* The standard 40mm with the CPC800, A Hyperion 13mm & Badder Zoom. Anyone else got this telextender and use it with an eye piece.* Do not want to spend a fortune but would like to try it out. Orion Tele-Extender Camera Adapters. - SCS Astro Thanks Paul
  16. I have been starting out with Moon avis using the SPC 800 webcam, the settings I have been using are as follows [Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera] Resolution=320x240 Frame Rate (fps)=10.00 Colour Space / Compression=YUY2 Exposure=-8 Brightness=67 Contrast=30 Saturation=18 Gamma=15 ColorEnable=255 BacklightCompensation=0 Gain=38 What does anyone else use. I am using a CPC800 8" scope with the webcam plugged into where the diagonal usually goes. I have posted what I have gotten so far. I think I need to adjust the Gain/brightness what are your thoughts. Thanks Paul Moon_first stacked_pic.tif
  17. For using the mask do I need to be at a dark sky site not in my floodlit back garden? Paul
  18. This was a 6 second exposure, 15 seconds I had trailing. So I should take lots then stack them, okay will try that hopefully tomorrow night, might even go to a far away place with less lights!!
  19. Hello, Managed to hook up my DSLR and Scope CPC800 tonight and did a bit of imaging. Nothing great but an attempt all the same. ALT/AZ tracking Tried M42 Focus is out, I have a mask but could not see anything to use it what type of star should I be on to achieve focus. Thanks Paul
  20. I have managed to image the moon, using my coverted SPC800 webcam and the CPC 800 scope. Focus could be better but I think it looks Good. Any advice? Also how do you achieve better focus? Thanks Paul Moon_first stacked_pic.tif Moon_second stacked_pic.tif
  21. It was at 18:43 tonight from Bathgate west lothian Really had fun got pics of the moon with webcam and DSLR. Shame about the lights!! Paul
  22. Hello, Started taking astro pics and did a 30 second exposure and captured something streaming over the field of view any ideas? Thanks Paul
  23. Thanks Jack checked it out and it was the ISS. It actually passed roght over one of the stars, just a pity I had nothing but my eyes but kept me looking up for a while. Paul
  24. Was going out on my bike this morning about 6:55 and I saw an item moving from west to east which pass by a star at about 30 degrees up, I am in bathgate west lothian. This was looking due south. Moved too fast for a plane and no flashing lights were seen. Was it a satellite or the ISS? Thanks Paul
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