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  1. Many thanks. This is a real mystery to me. The photographs immediately before and after this show nothing. This is not an exposure photograph (my newbie terminology). In other words, I was just hitting the shutter quickly. I am certainly no satellite expert, but my belief is that if it were a satellite it would not have shown that long of a trail. I know that when meteors hit the atmosphere they can often travel at the speed of a bullet or faster which might explain the length of the trail. (Satellites of course can travel at high speed but they are much higher up). The above said, I am having trouble believing that a meteor could split apart and travel so perfectly in tandem . I just don’t know. I would appreciate your thoughts.
  2. I believe it was a 30 second exposure.
  3. Thank you very much for the advice. I am using a Canon 7D Mark ll. It does have a Pro Master Filter over the lens. I do not know if the other photographer that got the same shot has a filter on her camera. Also, this is the only image from that night shoot that came up double. Others I took that night look fine. One shows a satellite going through ( it shows up in 3 frames) and there are no double lines on it, just a single horizontal line. I will check the links suggested. Again, thank you for your supportive advice. Kathy M.
  4. At a night sky photo shoot I shot this image with a Canon camera. Looking closer at the photo you can see what I take to be a meteor, but I do not understand the exact duplicate path that seems to show two meteors. The photography teacher was also shooting that night and the image showed up on her photograph the same way. So, I know I did not jostle my camera. It was secure on a tripod as hers was. Any advice on what the image might be or why it is showing as a duplicate line would be appreciated. Thank you, Kathy M.
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