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  1. Going to need a non-biased opinion =). Thanks however.
  2. Where would you mount the guidecam so that it points accuracy? Pardon my newbie-ness but doesnt the guidecam need to be perfectly aligned to the mount also to work effectively?
  3. With no polar scope how easy or hard would this be to polar align in eq mode with a wedge?
  4. I assume there wont be much on this mount since i think its new but I thought I ask anyways. https://explorescientificusa.com/collections/pmc8goto/products/es-iexos-100?fbclid=IwAR35y94m_Bf0BRDB46vbBGGzAabGJJBnXMgzvWCad0b32kV_ZIxlNy6SLhk Looking for a cheap goto to replace my Star Adventurer. Only have about 5lbs to mount in terms of my dslr and lens combos and maybe a guidescope so I dont need something too crazy. I just want basically my Star Adventurer (price, simplicity, size) + goto capabilities. The iexos will be a bit larger but thats ok.
  5. looking for a guidescope for my skwatcher ED80 scope and been reading that short tube 80mm fracs are good for this in terms of function and cost. Now does anyone know if the older celestron Firstscope 80eq (model 21072) is the same or performs the same as current generation Orion ST80 type scopes for guidescopes? Only reason i ask is i have a friend that is selling his 80EQ and can get it for a decent cost. im also guessing the focuser is where the difference is. Orions are metal no?
  6. Is it me or as i look at astro cams by companies like ZWO, they start to remind me of web cam tech back in 1998? Do people use this cameras just to show off on little phone screens and not print poster sized art to hang on walls? This is just speaking resolution-wise and not so much the other tech that goes into these things. I must be missing something here with my newbie-ness
  7. Ive noticed that most people here are from the UK! wouldnt i want a slower scope for more contrast with a quark? more towards the f30 range with the built in barlow?
  8. agena says discont' https://agenaastro.com/bresser-messier-ar102-refractor-telescope.html Is the focuser all metal? two step?
  9. Nice, hows the focuser on that? Looks like its discontinued. Looks like used ones are few and far in between.
  10. hmm that Bresser AR 102 seems to also be in my pricepoint. Why that scope in particular? And not say, a comparable one from Celestron (102 XLT Omni perhaps)?
  11. good point. I would probably follow this general rule too.
  12. my thoughts exactly too a sct would be too much of a narrow view. how great would it be if i could have less gear overall and just reuse my 8 sct!! i do like the williams z61 however. Ive been always considering that scope ever since i got into AP.
  13. Thanks John @Hughsie, so if you wanted the flex of day and night activites, why didnt you go the route of getting an erf and using your 6in sct with a quark? This was actually the 2nd route i was considering. Was it because the sct is too narrow of a field of view?
  14. Thanks for all this initial info. Will do some more looking into the quark. Looks like a cool thing to have.
  15. good to know. ill do some more research on the quark. seems like a good thing to get so i dont need to mod a PST. why does the daystar quark need a battery or theres mention of a battery option?
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