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  1. From my backyard observatory ,my best shot of Saturn to date. shot Friday night/Saturday mourning 9/7-8/2018 Celestron 6 SE with starsense gps,x5 Barlow, Celestron neximage 5 color cmos cam Icap 2.3- Registax 6
  2. This may be a dumb question but can you stack barlows together? like a x3 under a x2 or the other way, would it be x5 or x6?? I was thinking of getting a x3 barlow for higher magifacation .
  3. Howdy y'all just got my first real telescope Celestron 6 SE. Thanks for having me and I look forward to doing some real star gazing and picking y'all s brains. Let this journey begin.
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