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  1. Nice, my thanks also James; I STILL haven't worked out where I can locate my Obs ?????, still, that's another problem, are me!!!!!!!!!!!. Regards to all, Tom
  2. Gina, i have very very bad BP problems, a very good food is PORRIDGE, a great gift from us Scots, ha ha ha, you need a lot of salt to sugar and it DOES help with BP, if you can as we say, ! Tak the porridge ye ken!, give it a go. All my very best, Tom.
  3. Adeking, how much per hollow concrete block did you pay as, on ebay uk the prices seem so ridiculously high !!!!!. Regards, Tom.
  4. What a lovely SBT, what is the loves name and how old mate?, Regards, Tom.
  5. I hope it is nothing serious !, get feeling well soon Gina. xxxx Very best regards, Tom.
  6. Francis, I have just had an idea to embellish your advice which will be taken up my friend, and that is, if i mark out and drill either side of where the tripod end go into the drilled holes actual, then, would it not be a problem to form three metal bands, say S/Steel type, and then as a loop screw them in place to render the tripod end 100% unable to move, thus, as they say a "bib and braces" approach with a positive end, what do you think mate?.
  7. Francis, Thanks for the reply, I really like the moulded foot blocks, very neat indeed; yes, i shall cast the slab and then position for the legs and drill accordingly. Thanks and very best regards, Tom.
  8. Thanks mate, what as a pointer, would be a very good ZWO colour, i would like to go that way, have read up on the pros and cons of colour V mono, but still would like to go colour; if any one else has a preference as to which model is good, feel free!. Grateful thanks and regards, Tom.
  9. Johnindeby, I see the camera, a ZWO?, it is that type and make i am leaning towards, how do you find yours?, pro&cons with said model; my menu of things needed is all most complete, its then to sorting out the ground. My very best regards and thanks to all, Tom.
  10. Hi Guys, Grierson, i have not yet decided on which camera, and, Johninderby, yes mate, the RVO is the older of the models so, FLO and seeing they also stock the SkyWatcher focus motor, i will go to this outlet when i purchase the required items. Thanks for all the help and best regards to all, Tom.
  11. Hi guys, This is great!!, i am so grateful for all of this advice and help, I had a look see on the Rother V web site, seeing that it is the people i purchased my equipment from, and, yes, they do indeed offer the above items discussed, and, yes, it is recommended for all SkyWatcher Explorer scopes including the 300PDS that I have; the Hitecastro unit is fitted with a cigarette type power plug as i have noted so called, would it be easy to remove said plug, add an ordinary that would facilitate a power block reducer as are easy to purchase, just a thought??
  12. Optional - Motorised focus er control like JMI pc focus control. Thanks guys for the advice, re above, what and where do i get the motor unit that would facilitate remote focus control; have looked at the site for the item you suggest, but, cannot see any motor or how it would be fixed to said focus control on the scope proper!!???, can you explain a little more and possible to give products or the like. Many grateful thanks to all, Tom.
  13. Francis, I know that you are using your tri/pier, but, i have the large heavy mount that comes with the 300PDS and NEQ6 PRO set up, you can see it on Rother Valleys site, and am wondering that if when i pour my 8 ft Sq slab, and, as it is going off, i placed the tripod ends which have distinct point to the ends, into said concrete, after setting up, removing the tripod would leave three distinct impressions that, hard set as they would now be, i am thinking this would hold very fast the tripod thus rendering the need for me to spend out on a pier, the cost of which i find so expensive, and as
  14. I am not able to change the set up because, it is the size i went out to get and the other point is that i really do not think my dear wife would appreciate me changing and also what she most probably would do TO ME!!!!, i hate pain he he he....... Regards, Tom.....
  15. Hope this is in the correct slot; as some know, i have a SkyWatcher 300 PDS on an NEQ6 PRO mount, that said, it is my intentions to place this scope in an obs out side in my garden, BUT!, space is at a premium as with most of us, so, that is what has made me decide to go remote being that the building for said obs won`t have to have me clambering around all night long. With the above in mind, my quest is for information/advice on what i must acquire to get my viewing up and running; astrophotography is not a immediate requirement, but, that is an area i would like to look at in the long
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