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  1. John, thanks mate, just sent you thanks in PM, Regards, Tom.
  2. JKulins, thanks my friend, i would be most happy to receive a copy; can i just point out to all assembled here, i can not get any one due to cost to have any metal tubing welded etc, the only pro to this is that, i would use a metal tube of 8/10" external dimension and, approximately 5/6 ft in length so as to give a very good depth when sinking it into the excavation ready for concreting work, hope this gives a good reason as to why i won't be envisioning welding work in total, all screws and bolts and the like!. Grateful thanks and regards to all, Tom.
  3. Cor Billy, been a bit worrying if the tube you got happened to have a detonator at the end, mmmmmmmmmm, i think these tubes are called TORPEDOES !!!! he he he he!!!!!!!!!!!!..................... Being silly i am, regards matey, Tom........
  4. Hi all, many thanks for the great replies and personel off subject ones ha ha ha !!; i don't know if its me or my age but, i really DO get confused with ebay uk when i am looking for certain items, tube of a plastic, OR, mild steel or Aluminum i put the needed sizes, lengthy and OS diameter and give it a 3mm wall thickness, klick and i then get so many A N OTHERS in the returns, i get so confused and very agitated because they or I just can not decipher which i am looking at/for, most irritating indeed!!!!! ; looked a i chaps build, it was mild steel and 1500mm length and about 200mm round O/S dia with 3mm thick wall, so this is what and where i get stuck, as such, i'll put it down to old age lol lol lol!!!!!. AS always people, best regards and thanks, Tom.
  5. The old college is now a new building called technology drive, many students there in but, in Rugby we have a strange thing of having twice as many shops close to house builds, i have lived in Rugby for 45 years, no time off for good behavior, ha ha ha!!!, still, that goes no ways to sorting out my pier problems. My very best regards to all, Tom. PS. Hillmorton radio masts are now all gone, the Kent is now built on yet another housing project and, they are talking of putting a loop on the as called OLD ROAD rail speak, on the main LMSR route and make a new station for this new housing area Gina, you would be horrified at the changes, so upsetting.....Tom.
  6. Hi Peter, yes it would be nice to move, like over to East Anglia, but at my wife and i , our respective ages and health, the tremoil would be way to much; my scope is as follows, Sky Watcher 300PDS on NEQ6PRO goto syncscan and tripod, but, want it to be a static stay where it is as, i do not have any transport now a days and really want it to stay where it gets put, hence, an observatory and pier, in Rugby we have an Travis Perkins and a Homebase Jewsons and some others as like, but when you ask for a given tube type, length, diameter, you get, "ERrr, sorry mate, not here you won't, mmmmmm, perhaps another outlet" it is really MOST depressing to say the least......... ""company in Rugby made both my steel tube piers from stock lengths of tube"" BTW, it would be a bit of a push money wise i think for me, any rate, i tried to get some assistance from the local society in Rugby, told me they are not allowed to help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and i won't join a group to part with money till they show their worth, this would of been the correct and timely point to do so on their part , could not get to their venue anyway, to far to travel etc etc etc, but then, that's Rugby for you !!!!!!!!!!! Best regards to all, Tom..
  7. Thanks for the replies up to now, Plastic Express on ebay, had a look at this site but, alas, i am rather baffled as to what or where i am supposed to navigate to in respect of tubes, i would very much like if i went this way to get a tube at around 10" dia by 6ft in length, the 6ft would give me plenty of leaway in cutting, and, also a lot to go in the ground, but with the differing sites advertised on the net re ebay uk, i find it very daunting as to understand their size and lengths etc etc when trying to get the type of tube i really want to get, if you get my drift ok !! ????, sorry if i am not to good at putting over what i am trying to find, thinking a thing and then putting down in typing i find quite a world apart well for me at any rates......... Best regards to all, keep the ideas coming and i hopefully will achieve my pier!!! many thanks to all, Tom......... PS Notify me of replies ticked on but STILL, not working at giving notification, wonder why ???????...............are well.
  8. Hi, Can the forum members who have or, are in actual build in respects of pier's re, permanent locating of scopes, give me any/all idea's of the ways a person could actually start to make a pier as, as i have stated many times, the ready mae piers one can purchase are very definitely way way over priced, true, they are of metal coated construction etc etc etc, myself having little money to spare, will be one of the vast many who go about making their own style of pier; telegraph poles, the discarded GPO style, i have already thrown out as that, the few sites that offer these posts are way to far away from Rugby, my home town and carriage via a courier has shown to be obscenely expensive and thus, not eligible for contemplating. I am hoping for a goodly amount for me to peruse over, as, the start will be a little way off at the moment so, this is where i can do the homework and get it correct so to speak, thus, giving me a good start, many thanks guys; BTW, if any of you have good ebay uk addresses for any of the materials you might suggest, i would be grateful for as, here in Rugby we are alas, sorely lacking in outlets that stock much in the way of practical materials, i know, i spent a weekend checking out the few companies we have and some were true plumbers and builders merchants, Rugby is the pit from beyond..............YUCKKKKKKKKKK. lol lol lol.......... My very best regards to all, Tom.
  9. I have just been thinking re the pier, could i construct this by making a square form of given size say, 102 sq and say to whatever length it needs to be, this would be inclusive of the section below ground, by making a wooden carcase and then with rebar inserted, filling it with concrete, thus, we have a pier, well, in theory i hope you would, any takers ?????????. Very best regards to all, Tom.
  10. Thanks to everyone, keep the ideas coming, i have had the 12" 300PDS SkyWatcher from last October 2018, got it from Rother Valley, but, not sure how long it will be before i get to start, i also need to work out the pier arrangement as, i could NEVER afford the price tag on the ready made pier that is widely found in the advertisements at around £475, i accept that it is of steel construction, but if i did ever try to get one my wife would have some very bad words to say, lol lol. I stated that due to the constraints of the area that the hopefull observatory will be constructed in, and the shed i am looking at 10ft x 8ft, it precludes any form of roll off as, it is near some prise fruit trees and the like, not in a position to effect viewing, no, but they can not be moved and it is also the most secure area that the project can be built in, also, due to finding out just HOW heavy this monster is to erect on its tripod, to set up, polar scope etc etc and all to get observing, i find that my health re ability to continually lift said scope, is compromised, so, the designated observatory is the obvious solution, and, YES. i could of got a smaller one, but having been used to a 17.5" refractor in its own observatory at Coventry College which i had a very great deal to do with, it was go this way or nothing. Hope this is of interest and many grateful thanks and regards, Tom. PS, Can any one who knows who would be best to fix the instant reply thing !!!!!, as, i have sent a few messages now and have never been prompted in my mail as to new replies, many thanks in advance. Tom.
  11. When as i am planning to do, convert a shed into an observatory, which is the most effective type of shed roof to adopt as to alter for the scope actually ? ; i would like to have half of the roof to stay in place and the other half to be removable thus, giving a section for things such as, laptops, books, charts and the like, i would point out at this stage that, i do not have enough room to facilitate a roll of where rails are used, the size of shed i would like to use will be around 10 x 8, my scope is an NEQ6 pro goto mount with the 300PDS Sky Watcher, i hope you can give me a lot of idea's and advice, the more the better and many thanks to all. My very best regards and thanks, Tom.
  12. Thanks guys, its a problem when you get older and your movement starts to get impaired but that's life i guess, while your still breathing etc etc, lol!!!, i have scene that idea of placement marking and i intend to do just the same good shout, are well, while the weather here is foul, i can still work on ways to help myself, but, should any one get any more great idears PLEASE, let me know, i am very grateful to all of you. My very best regards and thanks, Tom......
  13. Hi Guys, thanks for the replies, as i say, my problem is getting down to view through the scope actual, my spine just does not like it and, by god, does it let me know, !!! lol, this is the area that i am needing the help as for any thing i can use as for this process. Regards to all, Tom..........
  14. Hi all, Have an NEQ6 Pro sync scan mount, can any one give me advice on the easiest and best way to a line the mount to Polaris using the Polar scope or other; i do not want to use the other software that is out their, i require to use the hand control, and, have a smartphone to locate the correct position of Polaris, but, one problem that did not occur to me till i got the telescope and mount and that is, im find it very difficult to get down to a position to view re the Polar scope, this is because of spin problems and other things, i am 65 and been in heavy lifting most of my working life so i guess it has court up with me lol lol. I have looked at a camera that can be fixed onto the upper end of the Polar scope, but, the cost after getting my telescope has made this kind of article way out of my purchasing, so, with all this, i hope some of you out there can help and advise as to the best way to go about it, there seems to be as many views as there are people, but as i say, i look forwards to some advice in this matter. My regards and best to all, Tom.......
  15. Grateful thanks to all of you guys, yes, i know what you mean about addresses, but have a great home attack creature, its called the wife lol lol lol, no, actually I am grateful as i say; BTW, i have a bad spine problem and other ailments, i am mid to late 60s, thus, getting down to the Polar scope as you can guess is a bit of a pig, did not recon on this but hope their may be a way to get down!!!!!!, i can not afford the camera that you can purchase at some £200 + that woks with your laptop still, that's life, many thanks again. Very best regards, Tom. Mark, Job done my friend lol!.............
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