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  1. Elaboration redone, only with Registax this time and I've added a winjupos simulation map.
  2. Stack: 50% of 5000 frames @11fps. Takahashi TS 80/1200, exos1, QHY5L IIc, barlow 2x.
  3. This time I took a pic with my Tak's TS 100 early this morning, always through my window in Genoa, Italy. Tak 100/1000 (newton), exos1, QHY 5L IIc, barlow 2x. Sharpcap, AS3, Registax, PS.
  4. I think it is only 2000 frames video @ 11 fps (my exos1 has an adapted tracking motor from a moon1 mount so the tracking is a bit difficult to do) in a very unfortunate location among other buildings and through my window. All my planetary images are quite miraculous considering where I am.
  5. Takahashi TS 80/1200, exos 1, QHY 5L IIc, barlow 2x. Sharpcap, AS3 and Registax6.
  6. First try on Saturn this year. Always through my window, with the old tak TS100I (Mizar Hino mirror), exos 1, barlow 2x, QHY5L IIc. (Drizzle 1,5x)
  7. Always trough my window, Takahashi TS 100 (but with a Mizar Hino mirror this time), exos 1, barlow 2x, QHY 5L IIc. Stack of 70% of 3000 frames. Sharpcap, AV2!, Registax (drizzle 1,5x)
  8. Thanks a lot to all
  9. Hi, my name is Daniel. Living in Genoa. I have a huge passion for vintage telescopes.
  10. Through my window... TS 100I, exos 1, QHY5 L IIc, barlow 2x. AS2, wavelets and crop with Registax6.
  11. Pic taken on 15 june with a vintage newton 100/1000, QHY5L IIc, exos1, barlow 2x. Sharpcap, AS2 and Registax.
  12. Hi, this is a pic taken on 16 june with an old Takahashi 65/1000, QHY 5L IIc, exos1, barlow2x. Sharpcap, AS2 and Registax.
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