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  1. Thank you for your warm welcome for our students and generosity of spirit, time and knowledge throughout the weekend. As you gathered quickly at the quiz, as a teaching team we were lacking in some astronomical fundamentals and you all helped to fill in the gaps and shared such a wealth of information with them. Thank you Grant for not being scared when I emailed about the school and helped us with our convoluted booking. A special thanks also has to go to the keen astronomer who has inspired them to aim for a £2,400 telescope!!! ? The students came away with an excitemen
  2. Yes having lived in Bolton for 40 years I can second that. They are better in parbold that’s for sure.
  3. Does anyone know of any retailers with a showroom in the North West. Quick google search isn’t giving me any?
  4. Just stumbled across this topic. The astronomy centre sounds just what I’m looking for. Also pretty new to the hobby having got my first scope at Christmas. Lots to learn. Next clear skies on a Saturday I’ll hopefully join you.
  5. Rushy, how’s the skies in little lever, I’m originally from lostock but recently moved to Parbold
  6. I also got a call yesterday offering me a pod! As I’m staying with my wife and young child it was a better option than tent. Looking forward to my first star party
  7. Just come back from a camping trip with wife and baby in wasdale (Lake District) camp site being flanked by England’s two tallest mountains I didn’t hold out much hope for seeing very much but took my scope along just in case. How wrong could I be. 8pm it was raining and all hope was lost. Midnight arrived and what a view - not since I was in Sark many years ago have I been able to see the Milky Way with my own eyes! Simply breathtaking. The sky was teaming with stars - if anything there were so many, it was difficult to accurately determine the stars names. Impressed me so much I’m trying to
  8. Just been informed that my BST 18mm EP has been delivered. Fingers crossed for good conditions this evening!
  9. I’ve managed to pick up one for £20 second hand (it’s in the post) hoping to bag a few others second hand. If not I’ll buy new
  10. Thanks for all the advice, I’ve decided to go with the BST EPs
  11. Looking for BST Starguider eyepieces in the following: 8mm 15mm 18mm 25mm plus also looking for BST Barlow willing to pay £20 each plus postage must be in good condition preferably with box Thanks Paul
  12. I received a Celestron 114LCM at Christmas which I believe is a jones bird type of scope. For all the bad reviews on various websites i have found it to be pretty good and exceeding my expectations for views of the moon and Jupiter. It has served its purpose as a beginner scope well and has me hooked and wanting more. I plan to trade in the scope for a better one but that will have to wait until enough time has passed as not to seem ungrateful for the generous gift I received. So I’m looking for advice on the best upgrade options that would also serve me well in future with a diffe
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