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  1. Those look amazing. But so far i can focus it. It just feels easy to overshoot. If I am about to get a better eyepiece i might postpone DYI.
  2. They also have the 8mm. Which one would you recommend as a planetary lense for a 130/650 scope? With 2.25 barlow I would get around 180x with the 8mm and 123x with the 12 mm.
  3. That looks exactly like my lens. Now to convince my wife I really need to spend 50 pounds on a new lense. Can anyone put me in contact with the FLO marriage council division? I saw somewhere that the starguider pieces are really good bang for buck. Any other recommendations?
  4. I saw a great brass and steel 120mm Newtonian the other day on eBay that I was really tempted to get. But it weighted over 80 pounds or something... still the eyepieces must've been great quality...
  5. Thanks for that. Yeah that eyepiece seems a bit rubbish. It says super on the box so I thought it was a super plossl but I don't think it is. Do you know what kind of eyepiece it is?
  6. Funny thing is, I spotted my mistake, corrected it and it went back to pollination again... Nopes Yeah. I can see detail. Main problem is the very small focus window I get. I mean it's probably less than a millimetre on the focuser... I will collimate the scope again and see if that fixes it.
  7. I just got a second hand skywatcher explorer 130p for 100 pounds. I would consider those good first time scopes. I would even go as far as suggesting a Celestron firstscope or equivalent if you never tried it before.
  8. Thanks for that. Just checked my pollination and the scope seems to be slightly out of alignment again as well. So a mix of both I believe last night I took the scope out again and it was slightly better.
  9. Hello. New member here. Recently I acquired a second hand skywatcher explorer 130p and I took it out last night and saw Jupiter and some other stuff. However, Jupiter seemed way brighter than I remember being almost white and when I used the 10mm eyepiece with a 2.25x Barlow (roughly 150x mag) I had trouble focusing it since the focus window was quite small. Mind you the moons were points and I could see 2 bands and the South Pole but it just felt too bright. Now I checked for collimation and it seems to be alright so before I go checking my laser collimator and the size of the spider legs to make sure they are all perfectly aligned I was just wondering if the trouble focusing could be due to the atmosphere or light pollution?
  10. MrGold

    laptop question

    I am partial to the Lenovo work series laptops. Especially the t series. Built like tanks, long lasting battery and pretty carryable. especially the 14 inch models. Just don't get anything with dedicated GPU.
  11. MrGold

    Hello there

    Actually, checked what OUAT means and imdeed, I used to watch it sporadicaly. I also thought the only good thing about that show was Rumpletiltsky (I am a huge fan of Robert Carlyle) so you might be right where I got my name from ^^ Totally forgot that show ever existed.
  12. MrGold

    Hello there

    Not sure how it started but I have been using it for ages... it just kinda stuck. Did my first observation last night and saw Jupiter and a couple of other things. Quite more than I was expecting in the middle of Brighton. One question though, Jupiter seem led a tad too bright and when using Barlow 2.25x with 10mm eyepiece (around 150x magnification) I had a lot of trouble focusing. I checked for collimation and it seemed fine (laser dot on the centre of the scope and back through laser eyepiece). Now, I did see the edges of Jupiter waver a bit due to atmospheric distortion and so was able to see 2 bands and the South pole but Jupiter just seemed white. Could it be just the atmosphere, could it be just hw it looks (though I don't remember it quite so bright and it doesn't explain the trouble focusing) or should I check my laser collimator for collimation and see if the spider is centred?
  13. MrGold

    Hello there

    Is it better now?
  14. MrGold

    Hello there

    Hello. New member here. Used to work in astronomy outreach and actually have a degree in astrophysics which put me off the whole thing. Recently went to some friends who had this terrible refractor scope (up to 60x zoom... with probably a 40mm aperture and you couldn't change eyepieces). And I managed to focus in on Jupiter ( and by focus I mean orange blob smaller than a pea) and could see 3 bright spots around it which were its moons. That brought a lot of things back so long story short , I now have a skywatcher explorer 130p (wanted heritage for portability but you cannot find those second hand in the UK) which ai got for a very reasonable 100 quid with a small CMOS camera included (looks like a Orion Stargazer) and a bunch of outreach books. Oh and a Barlow lens from Baader planetarium. I think it is safe to say it was a decent bargain. I am located on the Southeast of England and will plan on going to the downs and Glynde to do some observation. Pleasure meeting you all!

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