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  1. I would be satisfied with this "lite" version if the sky is gonna be clear
  2. I saw somewhere a list when and where will be eclipse in the forseeable future in the UK and made some notes: Total eclipse: 21/01/2019 02:36-07:48(UTC)- all visible in the UK, greatest: 05:12 (I'm planning to book a holiday for the next day so I can be outside most of the night) Partial: 16/07/2019 18:43-0:17(UTC)- visible from Moon rise, greatest: 21:30 Penumbral(not as interesting as the total but good if you want to look at something else which needs dark skies as the moon will be dim) 10/01/2020 17:07-21:12(UTC)-all visible, greatest: 19:09 05/07/2020 03:07-05:52(UTC)-eclipse at moon set, greatest:0:04 The penumbral eclipse is not really visible, the only thing what you can see is how faint it is and how it will be brighter slowly. Not a typical eclipse where you can see phase changes. This is what I found so far. I don't know about the 2021 eclipse yet, but I'll have a look.
  3. I was looking forward to this eclipse during the whole week. Months ago I put this event in my diary...for two bloody months the weather was hot as hell and the sky was clear. And when does it has to turn for the worse? Of course, today! I am so disappointed right now....maybe next year, but I don't have high hopes...
  4. Silvien


    Welcome, I hope you will enjoy being here and find this forum quite useful in many ways! Weatherwise I'm afraid it won't be any better soon ?
  5. Now the site works, thank you I will have a look
  6. Hello! The link says that I'm not authorized to access the website.
  7. At least you had a clear sky. I was looking forward to the long weekend to do some observation but of course all weekend was about clouds and thunderstorm. And I'm 100% sure that the sky is gonna be clear during the week when I have to work and got chance to have a look. So the weekend was wasted
  8. Hello! Does anyone know where can I watch the older episodes ( not the ones from the 80's but a bit more recent :D)? I checked Iplayer but I found only 2 other episodes and I already watched them.
  9. Thank you for the tips very much appreciated
  10. Your scope is such a beauty. If I would be in your shoes I'm sure I'd rather sell my clothes and focus on things I really don't need and would mark them as junk to make more space. I've got a lot of stuff I haven't used in ages and I'm sure I won't in the next 10 years. So consider a decluttering before you do something you will regret.
  11. I was playing at least 30 minutes or more to take a more or less decent picture The biggest challenge was to hold the phone in one hand and find out the correct degree, take a picture without shaking while keeping the moon in target ( not to mention the wobbling while turning the knobs) . So yes, it's a pain in the back, but dont give up The eyepiece was a 20mm (not using Barlow), I couldn't align with anything smaller because the diameters were too small, sometimes even for my eyes. But hey you work with what you've got:) Recently I bought some BST eyepieces and if the weather allows me, I will try to take some shooting with those eyepieces as well. Fingers crossed. Thanks again all for the warm welcome
  12. Thanks for the info, I will definitely check it out!
  13. Hello everyone! I'm originally from Hungary and moved to the UK a few years ago. Since last year I did some observations, but from this year I started to get deeper into the depths of skywatching and currently making a list of low magnitude stars which might be visible from the back garden. I've read numerous posts from this forum as during my searching on google, this site came up most often with the most useful answers(e.g. this is how I ended up buying eyepieces from Alan) So I decided since I'm expanding my knowlegde mostly here I should join a try to contribute somehow and give a few tips along the way of getting some experience( when I will have some :D). So my gear so far is a Bresser Pollux 150*1400 F/8 reflector of which I love so I'm trying to gather the possibilities it may have. If you have any tips or tricks for this scope I'm happy to see and try. Sorry for the long intro, I'm a lady so I can't help it. P.s: The pic below was shot with my phone held in front of the eyepiece( yes it was indeed a headache but as a first photo I'm very pleased with the result).
  14. Hi! I can also highly recommend BST Starguiders from Sky's the limit. I've just bought 2 of them last week(8mm 60 degrees, 9mm 56 or 58 degrees) and I'm quite impressed of the quality and Alan was really helpful when I was between choices. It definitely worth a try as these eyepieces aren't expensive. However don't expect miracle if your telescope isn't suitable for showing miracle. Also try to find out if your scope has a built in barlow as it might mean that you don't really need barlow after all.
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