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  1. The Iris nebula is a visual and photographers target it all just depends on the conditions for observing the Iris it takes a moonless night and just good conditions. I have spotted it in my 130mm reflector and my 15x70 binoculars. I think a 8 inch dob would show some nice detail.
  2. During this years Perseids not only can you sit back and watch the pretty shooting stars. You can go and collect the meteorites your self. The reason that this works so well is because there will be 50 meteors per hour cmpared to a lousy 1 not even any other time. I don’t know how many of you actually know about this more of the experienced amateur astronomers probably do. There are a few ways you can do this go and set a small cardbox box somewhere open or up high put a piece of paper and a magnet underneath and leave it there for 2 maybe 3 depending on weather conditions. When you are done you can use a magnifying glass or a microscope to observe and identify them. Some of these may be small very very small or some may be visible to the naked eye. They will look like small shiny metal balls. The picture on the far left was my first picture with a crappy microscope. Here some more with my better microscope to give you a good idea.(not all of the images are mine) The other ways are taking some magnets and putting them in your spout after the shower. * these magnets should all be neodymium* place 1 or multiple magnets in a ziplock bag and put another magnet on the bottom of the spout so they stay in place. Wait until the rain is over and observe them with magnifying glass. You could also place a bucket or cup at the end of your spout then look pick it all up witha strong magnet. I hope that not to many of you know this so that my post will helpful. These tricks have worked dozens of times for me and they will for you.
  3. I have never seen Mars at oppostion in 2003 because I wasn’t into astronomy back then. At least this year I will have a 10 inch dob so it will be fun! Good luck and hope you have a good time.
  4. Honestly I think the seeing was just very bad that night. I have observed Jupiter with a 60mm telescope and managed to see its cloud bands and its 4 moons. Or a higher apeture telescopewould get around that.
  5. I am not new to astronomy but I have never sketched before. I would love to be able to sketch to show my family and friends what objects really look like through big telescopes. The Thing is i am not very good at drawing. Is it still possible for me to get good sketches.
  6. I’m sure you got hooked! It is a terrific target and one of my favorites to image. For a beginner that is a great setup. I remeber seeing it for the first time YEARS ago what a fantastic sight it is.
  7. The thing I do everytime is bring my telescope in and leave the cap off for about 10 minutes, I also do that with my eyepieces. With my camera I find the driest place in my house and leave it for 15 minutes then pack it all up and I am done.
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