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  1. I'm looking forward to it as well
  2. Visual only, but then iv'e only recently started the hobby
  3. This is the best 419 scam i have ever read, Cosmic 419er lost in space ? The Register Laugh out loud funny
  4. Michael Rapley

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    Hi Nigel, they are a real friendly bunch of folks around here !!
  5. My skywatcher 10" flex dob is fairly easy to lift in one go. Other required bits of kit are stowed in a padded rucksack
  6. No no, buy everthing you might need for the next 7/8 months now. Leave the winter time purchase free
  7. Gotta love the "BBQ Summers"
  8. The moon, Jupiter, in the winter Orion Nebula and the Pleides
  9. Hi Tomys, Plenty of help to be had here. I'm a newbie myself
  10. Welcome to the madhouse. While you may think your behaviour is a little odd now just wait. Wishing away your summers and dancing round the garden and trying hard not to shout out loud the first time you see Saturn through your scope are all though normal around here.
  11. I'd like to think that this is an isolated incident. The fact that some people seem to know who is being talked about without names being disclosed makes me think that this person may just be a bad apple. From what i can see so far the members of this hobby are by and large a kind,friendly, trustworthy sort. I'd rather purchase and sell though contacts on here than ebay though.
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