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  1. I was hoping to meet him during my trip to London in a few weeks. He was the reason I built an observatory in heavy light pollution. Massive inspiration from all that he did from his garden. Thank you nytecam and rest in peace.
  2. Hey brother from another mother. My last name is Lloyd!
  3. Yes it's personal opinion but it's nice to read how you go about it. I've been setting the white bar very far right and the black bar pretty far left. Then adjusting orange bar to suit my tastes. I'll try your method!
  4. At 20x30s with my light pollution it's hard to keep the core from blowing out. What do you do exactly?
  5. Infinity, 8" f4 Newt, 20x30s, red/white zone. No post processing.
  6. But will the 414ex give me better star images (tighter) over the Infinity camera?
  7. I'm using (mainly) a 8" f3.9 Newt. The last two years have been great fun with the SLL and Infinity software. (Sharpcrap has not been so good for me, so I'm ruling out a ZWO camera for stacking.) But I'm wanting to step up from the Infinity camera. There's also warm summer nights and noisy images to deal with. For widefield I have a lodestar and a camera lens. This color setup is more for galaxies and planetary nebulae. Which one would you get?
  8. Hey elpajare! Nice stuff.
  9. I've had this problem after my windows 10 system gets an update... few times a year. I don't know what causes it, but the old uninstall/reinstall infinity software does the trick.
  10. Looking for a Baader Orthoscopic Classic 18mm. I have over 70 five star ratings on astromart. Thanks!
  11. Some of my better captures... no post processing.
  12. I'm a veteran EAA observer from CN. Looking forward to sharing images and observations over 5 mins integration from my red/white zone urban observatory. Nick
  13. Love this guide, and the X2 camera with a 7nm filter. Thanks HiloDon.
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