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  1. Nothing here in the North east, just cloud and.. more cloud So disappointed, been looking forward too this all week! :'(
  2. I'm starting to see a few clear patches in the sky now, should be ok at midnight.
  3. It's cloudy in Newcastle as well! I'm staying up till about 3, hope it clears by then Was clear skies last year!
  4. Just saw it for the first time a few mins ago!! I only have 114mm Newtonian scope:o So I couldn't make out any color. But I could see Jupiter(With faint banding) and four moons. Quite a sight for a beginner like me.
  5. I would like to know If this finderscope will fit onto my Celestron astromaster 114mm. Finders - Baader 30mm Sky Surfer III If you've had/have this scope I'd appreciate some advice, before buying.
  6. Cloudy skies here in the North east Was perfect last night as well. Why can't skies be clear ALL the time!
  7. Welcome, Good to know I'm not the only North east guy here
  8. I'm using a Tal 2x as well, Seems to be pretty good, though It's the only barlow I've used, so nothing to compare It with. Nice clear optics, with a sharp image.
  9. Thanks for the reply Paul, Good to know It's not only my EP. Just used both the eyepieces before on the Moon, Stunning!. The image is so crisp and detailed, especially with a 2x barrlow. So glad I got these working!
  10. I guess It's first time I've used a Plossl. Have another weird problem now, one of the Plossl's (Celestron 26mm) the image is upside-down:confused: Is It supposed to be like that? Very strange viewing like that!
  11. Thanks for all the help guys, really appreciate It I figured out the problem, and now I feel really stupid!! XD The reason the eyepieces weren't working was because my eye was too close to the eyepiece.. I have to be a few inches away to be able to see through the EP. if I move closer, the image distorts. I so used to putting my eye straight to the eyepiece.
  12. My scope is a Celestron astromaster 114mm. And the eyepieces are Celestron 26mm plossl and and a 20mm plossl.
  13. I've recently purchased two multi-coated Plossl eyepieces (1.25") but none of them will work? I can't see anything Except this weird, small white blob in the center.. Focusing does nothing. The eyepieces that came with my Scope work fine. What do you think the problem is? All I can think of is bad collimation.
  14. Nice. Saturn is one amazing planet.
  15. Since I have no idea how to use/input RA/Dec coordinates. I mostly just slowly "Search" the sky, I've only managed to find a few Stars And of course the Moon! Haven't found a Planet so far :'(
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