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  1. Thanks all. Yes the wife is still using the SCT for planetary and lunar photos z3rocool, that would be a very similar setup to mine with the 1600mm instead of the 071 colour. I recommend the esprit 100 highly. although I can’t compare it to a lot I’ve always been happy with it.
  2. Here’s a quick video of it in action. Very happy with it. BF0E75AD-AEB7-4186-860F-BFAD57FEDC83.MOV
  3. Thanks for the advice guys. I just figured it out. for the record in case anyone else has the same problems. I had the following issues: after installing the drivers I got a conflict between one of my cameras and the focuser (seemed to both want the same com port). I resolved that by switching the USB cables around to different ports on the laptop. Not sure why that worked but it did. the next problem I had was that even though I had installed the device drivers, there was also one for the serial to USB cable which I didn’t see. I had to reinstall that 3 times to get it to take for some reason but, Once I installed that I could get it connected. the problem which took all night to solve was the simplest. As I mentioned earlier it all looked right on the screen but the motor wasn’t physically turning. It turns out the motor housing (where the red cat5 cable plugs in) is a clutch. You have to twist that about 45 degrees to disengage the clutch and allow the motor to spin. I probably should have figured that out 12 hours ago but I’m putting it down to sleep deprivation. thanks again.
  4. Hi, Just wondering if anyone could offer any advice on this. After a long wait my auto focusing kit arrived today. it’s a feather touch focuser boss 2 kit with a hsm. I’ve got the drivers installed, plugged in the control unit and put in all of the settings into the software. Everything seems to be setup properly but for some reason the motor won’t turn. I can plug the numbers into the software and hit sync or got to, etc and the software will go through the motions as if it was working, but nothing is physically happening with the focuser or the motor (no movement, no sound). attached is some pics of the cabling and the software screens. I’ve been playing around with the settings by the time of this photo but I’m hoping someone can spot something I’ve done wrong. ive checked the focus lock screw by the way and it’s not that. Any ideas?
  5. It’s been almost a year since I came here looking for help to buy my wife a scope as a birthday present. At the time I had zero interest in photography or astronomy but a lot has happened since so I though it would be fun to come back and report. So I ended up buying her a small SCT and then using the scope more than her, while trying to help her set it up I happened to see Orion through the eyepiece. Then I tried to photograph it and then I got hooked on this hobby. I’ve since bought a new scope/complete setup and for almost a year now I’ve been out in my back yard all night every night when it’s not cloudy. im now using a 100mm refractor, an EQ Mount, a ZWO astrophotography camera, a guide scope, guide camera and just yesterday I got a auto focuser and I also write my name on my photos now ??? I’ve learnt a hell of a lot in a year but continue to know very little. I spent most of last night trying to get my focuser to work. having said that over the past year, I have managed a few images that I’m proud of. Here is a couple of them as well as my rig and that first dso image from April last year as a comparison.
  6. Thanks for that. I have taken some shorter subs but I’m not sure how I’d combine them in order to preserve the core. Do I just stack them as normal or is there some sort of layering process I need to do?
  7. This is my second attempt trying to photograph the Orion Nebula. Still a long way to go but its a huge improvement on my first attempt back in April when I got my first scope (also attached). I’ve had to wait to try it again because it’s been beyond the horizon where I live. Even now I have to get up at 4.45 am only to get about an hour in before sunrise. I’m very happy with the improvement and also very grateful for the help people on this site have given me so far.
  8. Thanks Wim, I used a SkyWatcher Esprit 100 ed scope and a ASI071MC camera. I think I need a little less gain and better focus. Even then my fov is probably too big for this target.
  9. Tried the Eagle Nebula tonight, conditions were not great bad seeing, very windy but no cloud. This is probably not the right target for my setup without a reducer. It’s one of my first attempts at guiding. 7 x 10 min subs. No darks yet and just a few mins in photoshop.
  10. I finally got my autoguiding gear in and now have it all connected properly and working with PHD2 ready for tonight. Really surprised at how small the guide scope is. even got a new laptop just for astrophotography fingers crossed for clear skies tonight.
  11. For anyone interested I found the proble. Turns out I had not 1 but 4 defective USB cables! The 5th one is working well.
  12. Thanks for that. I’ve been trying both the USB port on the mount as well as the USB port on the hand controller. My laptop is just not detecting the mount. it seems like the celestron ASCOM driver is installed because I can choose “celestron telescope” in the ASCOM utilities software. However it’s supposed to auto detect the COM port and the type of mount but it’s not. The same thing is happening in PHD2 it won’t detect or let me connect the mount. The cameras are connected with no problems.
  13. Thanks, yeah I think I will come back to this one when I get a bit more experience processing. So many stars.
  14. Thanks for that I’ll have to look up how to align colour channels.
  15. Thanks. Yeah I’ll be back out there as soon as it gets dark tomorrow. I used a ZWO ASI071MC Pro Cooled camera, a Skywatcher Esprit 100ED and Celestron CGX Mount.
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