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  1. I'll need to have a look at that ........never looked at the camera control menu.
  2. Hello Peter, I forgot to mention that I had the Synscan on at the same time. Dont want to sound silly, but when I use the synscan its usually using the arrows for slewing......not really understanding what's meant by Programmed through the handset ? Thanks for trying to help
  3. Can anyone help with what this feature is supposed to do ? And maybe how your supposed to use it? I have a Canon 350D DSLR and have a cable which connects to both the mount and the camera, but can't figure out how to use the Snap feature ? When I plug it in to the camera and the mount with both turned on noting seems to happen, and the instructions for the Starseker says that "The SNAP port allows control of a DSLR camera when used with proper cable" I think Im using the correct cable.......but no cable is mentioned with the mount instructions. Any help appreciated
  4. Thanks for that Peter......might order the cable then and see how it works out
  5. On my Orion Starseeker iv mount there's a port for snap function when linked up to a camera with the proper lead . Has anyone else heard of this ? The manual says it allows control of a DSLR when used with the proper cable. Any clues how you would use this ? Sorry if this seems a daft question .
  6. What photography software do Mac users out there use for Imaging ? I've read a lot about Registrax......but Im not keen on downloading a PC emulator Is there anything that's designed for a Mac? For photo editing in general I use Fotor which is free and does me well.
  7. Thanks for all the replies .....seems Im not alone......Im sure when Was growing up in the outskirts of Glasgow I could see a lot more in the sky .......Happy viewing all
  8. I know everyones different, but when your over 60 how does your night vision perform? I had cataracts removed last year and can now go about without glasses......but need them for reading. People keep saying that the likes of M31 is visible with the naked eye.....but ive still to see the thing ? I use the Star Walk 2 App so know where to look. Was wondering if my night vision at my age could be the reason even after an hour out in the dark ? The night sky where I live isn't too bad for light pollution.
  9. Went out one night the back door and looked at the night sky with my late dads 10 x 40s Charles Frank binoculars......and just accidentally stumbled upon the Pleiades ......was blown away by the view ( obviously didnt know what I was looking at at the time), Have been a sky gazer ever since ?
  10. You may consider a good pair of Binocs. I have 2 and they booth give excellent views of the moon and the likes of the Pleiades They are a 10 X 40 ( made by charles Frank in Glasgow years ago and no longer exist , but any good binocs should be fine ),......and a Celestron 20 x 80......you would probably need a good tripod for the latter, but the tripod I use for my camera works so didnt have to go out and buy a special one. Most of the time though I can get steady views by holding them right at the end and then leaning the eyepieces against my eyes to take the weight.....and that works fine. Im 66 so not a youngster. Best of luck in your search
  11. Thanks guys.......Im 65 so my exit pupil may not be too good ( I can walk about without glasses after 2 cataract ops now though for first time in 28 years :-) )
  12. How much more light will a 150mm scope gather over a 114mm......tried to search for an answer but couldn't find one..?
  13. I know this is illustrated for Canon so assume a Pentax mount will work as well ?
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