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  1. Hello, Erg I'm also from Durham, and by Durham, I hope you mean Durham UK otherwise I'll look like a reet owld wally LOL This place and its residents are spot on, marra. Look forward to see you kicking about the hallowed halls
  2. It's fair to say, Pete, that I've not got the faintest idea! I held my S7 Edge up to my eyepiece, yelled at it until I found Mars again, and started snapping like a crocodile with lockjaw
  3. Shiny! Jupiter and Saturn, hmm... Time to take aim!
  4. Oh my scary godmother, I did it! I was so, so worried I'd be too ill to see Mars with my Serenity (Sky-Watcher 120!), but not only did I see it, I GOT A PHOTO! I, a newbie, got a photo of Mars through my Serenity on my Galaxy smart phone! It's not the greatest as I have no phone camera lenses or any experience to speak of, yet here it is! My one and only photo of Mars. I'd share the video, but there's some mighty cussing going on as I got attacked by my hair... Thank You to everyone who advised me and pointed me in the right direction for my scope, what to do, and the like. You lot got me this!
  5. It's something I'm really looking forward to attending. The knowledge to be had from something like this will be invaluable and coupled with being able to get fully hands on with equipment and kit etc... Yes, it will very much be an excellent learning opportunity even if my credit card manages to hide itself from my mitts LOL
  6. The venue is 100% accessible, so I'm in for fun and games
  7. Welcome to the forum, marra! This place has friendliness and cheer in abundance, with no shortage of help to be found and plenty of pretty photos in the challenge area. Looking forward to reading and seeing any offerings you bring to the table. J xx
  8. I'll just drag my neighbours out to blow the clouds away with their immense amount of hot air. May as well put their mouths to good use for once.
  9. Yep! All there and in their altogether, marra. I'm as chuffed as chuffed can be! Also just spent half hour or so showing Declan via Youtube what we'll be able to see when we look through it, showed him how the Planisphere works, pointed out some of the more well known starry structures and he's not stopped grinning since. We're going out tomorrow night as we're waiting for granda to come back from the chippy. Kat, I can guarantee you'll still be correcting me on that two years from now. My memory has more holes in it than a second hand dart board.
  10. The star diagonal will be trial and error, I think, Kat. Either way, we'll figure it out no bother The hard part of choosing, setting up and aligning it on the street light across the way has been done, so now the fun of learning where things are, what those things are, can begin in earnest and I can't wait to show my cousin. Poor lad hasn't stopped smiling since the tube was taken out of the box LOL
  11. With the help of my wee cousin, the plan now is to decorate my telescope with the Serenity logo all done in matching rhinestones. Why? Because the universe sparkles at us and it would be rude not to sparkle back, right? P.S. Excuse the unholy mess that is my house. Painting went wrong five years ago and I just can't be bothered to fix it
  12. When you try an eyepiece and your 15 year old cousin sticks his hand down in front of your telescope, you jump a mile, scare the cats and lose your cup of tea...
  13. What's not to love about cowboys in space?! As for dads and grandads... I hit the jackpot for sure! Dad worked for Black & Decker, while my granda worked first as a miner, then Smarten Browns, I think it was called, and then Thorn EMI, one uncle works in the timber trade and the other is a very well-to-do builder, so I was raised with a bunch of tradesmen that taught me well
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