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  1. I was lucky,shipment before corona. I use Nebulosity 4 for capture control, does Neb 4 set TEC protection mode? Last night, all clouds so I took darks (10 off 600 second frames,see my previous post in this thread) ,set -5 degrees for Neb with an ambient temperature 20-25 degrees. The power % did not go above 68. I respect Craig Stark so it would not surprise me if this feature is included for the QHY8L. Does any one have a definitive answer? Chris
  2. Thanks Sub Dwarf, I received my new QHY8L today,long delays in delivery to Western Australia! I sure am looking forward to the cooling. The Neb 4 temperature report you confirmed with Craig Stark is as I suspected as when the usb cable is connected to the camera but the camera has no power Neb reports -273 , absolute zero, nobody has been there. I only used Ezcap to select Auto, and set the target temperature to -5 in Neb. This with ambient temperature of 28, it needed 68%power to get to that target. In your dark library only one exposure for each duration, up until now I have taken 10 dark frames for each camera setting and then stacked them. As Craig Stark has said, a single dark just introduces the dark frames noise to the lights. Another question, do your darks work for varying camera gain?" I sure have lots to learn. Chris
  3. A couple of weeks ago Sidereal Technology which controls my cherished Mesu Mount 200 came to "Stopped" and no amount of fiddling would restart it. So I described my problem to Lucas Mesu, a lengthy email conversation ensued. Lucas' support is so good that some of the conversation was in real time, the only delay was the email composition time at each end. At the end of this conversation Lucas sent an email to Dan Gray at Sidereal technology asking for his assistance. Dan was away for ten days but when he returned another lengthy conversation followed. In a couple of days after what must have been extensive poking in his software he solved the problem. It involved installing an intermediate version (94A) of Sitechexe and then overwriting this with version 95WIN and then re-initialising the system. The rapid and continuous response from these two suppliers to solve this problem is a wonder to have experienced. Chris
  4. Thanks Don41 The extra step worked a treat, took ten and a half minutes on 35 frames of 26.9 meg each. Then the all star alignment took about 30 seconds and the stacking 9 seconds. So thank you very much for your assistance. Chris
  5. Hello Don41 I tried to use your method, Your instructions up to and including putting a suitable name in the source box and the use of the "+" button with no difficulty thank you, But when I try to register the images Siril asserts that there is no sequence selected. hen I try to select a sequence nothing shows up. So I must have missed some critical step, but what is it? Chris
  6. Thanks Don41, I shall try your method
  7. In a directory with three series of images and thus three series names as the series are named for the date of acquisition how do you select all the images to pass to Siril registration? Apart from the obvious renaming of images,very tedious! Chris
  8. Hello Geoff, I am well aware of the battery type issue. My Syntra mount has a nice gel cell deep cycle battery. When I put in the supply to the observatory I had to use what was to hand for batteries, the funds had just bought the Sirius 3.2 m observatory (second hand from Iceinspace classifieds) and the expensive concrete pouring. Still the truck batteries have lasted a couple of years, the sunshine here is fairly kind to them. Chris
  9. Hello Geoff, Thank for taking the time to provide your table of current draws, I do appreciate it. The message I take is that the static (idle) drain is a large fraction of the tracking drain. I will assume that this is also the case for my Mesu mount 200. Last night, with the controller at static, I measured the battery voltage at 12.75 and two hours later at 12.63 , this after 3 days of solid cloud. As the forecast is for the next 3 days is more of the same I turned the the controller off. The batteries are a pair of old NZ70 ones that were retired from the farm truck, Given the performance above they may need replacing. Granted that here in the wheat belt of Western Australia this is an unusually long stretch of cloudy days it is not something I should have to do often. As an aside, the Mesu is a shear joy after my synscan mount and much nicer than a Losmandy G11 I borrowed for a couple of months. Many Thanks Chris
  10. Thanks Geoff, But at idle the mount is neither tracking nor slewing so I presume much much less current draw, but how much?
  11. Hello Folks, When I shut down sitech.exe and leave the controller with power what current is it drawing? my observatory is powered by a 100 watt solar panel charging 2 70 amp hour batteries. How many days of cloud can the system tolerate? Chris
  12. Well,Another month of fine weather has passed with the mount & Sitech used every night. The Mesu mount is a dream,just turn it on and worry about other things. The paper has been removed from the hand pad at Lucas' suggestion and it has given no further problems.There seems be no explanation of its initial malfunction. Further Darve drift alignment was performed until there was no perceptible drift on either axis after 20 minutes. This allowed a series of six and a half minute exposures with round stars with 2415 mm focal length using off axis guiding. I built a 26 star sky map in Sitech and pointing is excellent, target object to image centred. At the suggestion of another Sitech user here I did not turn my controller off for several weeks, no problem until a few days ago. Then the pointing was still good but the image jumped around by a few arc minutes. After some initial panic I recalled the advice of the Hitch Hikers guide and ceased to panic. I recalled the problems reported on this forum by Zakalwe about the mount behaving like this. So I turned the controller off for short time,"lost communication with Sitch" the lady informed me. True, so I just turned the controller on again did an offset init, reloaded my sky map and all was well again. I find the Sitech software nice and intuitive to use and this is the first software problem I have encountered. I understood from Zakalwe's long series of posts in this forum about this style of problem that it had been resolved by Dan Gray. It seems that there is a lingering issue. The mount has never lost power, it is supplied from two 70 amp hour batteries kept charged by a 100 watt solar panel , no mains power at the observatory. Moral "Don't Panic" Chris
  13. Progress has been made. The only concern is that the piece of paper remains in my hand pad. I must ask how Lucas tolerates ill conceived questions from new owners. I had problems drift aligning and bothered Lucas with my problem. Lucas diligently corresponded with suggestions. To the surprise of neither of us it was a user problem, I had to send this message to Lucas. Quote As far as I can see your mount is performing flawlessly. As you probably suspected user error. Perhaps a little explanation might help. I first installed a Syntra mount on my permanent pier about four years ago,did Syntra's 3 point alignment and polar alignment followed by DARV drift alignment. Then every couple of months I corrected for pier movement by further drift alignment and gave the matter no further thought. I did not realize how far the pier had moved over this period. So when I tried DARV with your mount the return trace of the azimuth drift was not in the picture. Slowly this problem dawned on me So I just watched the elongation of the initial point and corrected that until the return trip was visible. Last night the three drifts adjusting with your excellent east/west adjusters had no displacement visible after 2 minutes, similarly for altitude, tonight I will extend this and check it with PHD. (If your geology is OK, the pier sits on the geologically ancient Yilgarn block here in Western Australia, so clay soil up to 10 metres thick. So pier movement is always going to happen.) End quote So I join the happy band of Mesu mount 200 owners, for the excellence of the mount and the prompt, kind support from Lucas. Chris
  14. Thank you Olly, Lucas points you to Steve Richard's guide in his instructions, which I followed carefully. Anyway after much frustration the problem was found to be a defective Sitech hand pad. Lucas has been very understanding and helpful and passed on the finding and the fix to Dan Gray. A quite technical temporary fix, a square inch of paper over the rubber pressure pad. Now when the clouds and smoke permit I can start polar alignment. I am waiting to see what Sitech suggests. Chris
  15. Hello Folks, After a very long wait my Mesu mount 200 has arrived. I set up Sitech following Lucas Mesu's instructions and could then slew with the hand pad at the three rates. I connected to my laptop and started CDC, successful connection to the mount, started up PHD2 , could connect all. I closed these programs. Now the hand pad does not change the speed of slewing and a recorded voice from Sitech announces "guide two" when the hand pad change speed button is pressed. How do I reset the system so that the hand pad can set all speeds? After last night's lack of progress this morning I found that Sitechexe had somehow hidden my desktop, on start up the message system32\config\systemprofile\Favou rites\Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable. (this on win7 pro 64 bit) The desktop shows only computer and recycle bin. However the start button allows access to all the programs that were on my desktop (and others). The laptop is dual boot, so restarted in Ubuntu and went to the web an checked a few things. The restarted Windows and the desktop was now OK. After poking around it the problem only occurs when sitech is invoked. What have I done, and how do I rectify this? Chris
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