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  1. Hi all, looking for a Meade 497 Autostar or Audiostar handbox/controller for an LX90, with or without cable. NOT Autostar 2. Must be willing to send to France, payment by bank transfer only no Paypal. Thanks Bob
  2. B77


    Hello Mitten, welcome to SGL, the help and answers are just a post away
  3. Thanks for the replies gents, going to go with ES82°s
  4. Hi will this work with an LX90 if so I'll take it
  5. Saturn for me too, through a friends 70mm refractor, a very close second was Jupiter after Shoemaker Levy 9 at Toothil observatory near Southampton
  6. I'm the proud owner of an LX90 sct and have a good budget for eyepieces, the question is which would suit the telescope best given it's relatively small fov. Can I justify the 82° ES's or would the Hyperions give just as good a view Thanks Bob
  7. All in the title, 2" Diagonal for SCT . Must be willing to post to France, payment by bank transfer Thanks Bob
  8. Thanks for the advice, finally went with the LX90. Now all thats needed is a clear night, forecast rain for the next week here (France)
  9. B77

    Hi Everybody

    What a friendly place, thanks for the words of welcome Bob
  10. Hi. just returning to astronmy after 5 years away. After a bit of scrimping and saving I'm now in the position to acquire a telescope. It's been narrowed down to two options, could the members of this wonderful website give me some opinions on my choice ? 1 Meade LX80 mount with an 8" Meade sc acf, and a set of eyepieces (Celestron plossls) . Excellent condition and hardly used for 1500 euros or.... 2 Meade LX90 8" with Set of Meade eyepieces, 2 Baader Hyperions, 2x barlow Meade DSI and solar filter . Same condition for the same price. I had an LX90 before and absolutel
  11. B77

    Hi Everybody

    Hi everybody, just returning to astronmy after a 5 year hiatus.
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