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  1. great picture, id be happy with that as a 1st attempt!!
  2. I have had it done twice!! I'm very amateur so can't really comment on the astronomy side of things, but it was best thing I've done. It is better for everyday life and I still can see the stars that everyone else can see. It is as good if not slightly better than wearing glasses. One note I have is the glare from sun is def worse post surgery, nothing a pair of sunglasses doesn't sort!! (Now I can buy any lol as I don't need expensive prescription shades anymore)
  3. hello and welcome, I'm from the east coast of sunny NI myself, although I am a complete amateur!! great help and tips on this site hope you enjoy looking at the pics etc as much as I do
  4. I have took another set with 20s exposures but haven't had a chance to process yet so fingers crossed!!
  5. Thanks I got good data, but pure luck with the levels in gimp to produce This Lol don't know what I'm doing at all with the processing. Half the fun is in the learning curve though!!
  6. This is my 1st pic I've tried to capture, 10 30sec lights and 5 darks @800iso (Nikon d3400). I have tried to get Pleiades as the centre piece of the pic (I think lol). I am very very amateur at the min and don' really know what I'm doing with processing, hence the green stars (maybe they are that way?). All constructive criticism welcome!! It really is addictive I've tried loads of times since but the clouds/moonlight or time have been against me. I noticed some trailing so maybe more lights but shorter exposure may solve this?
  7. thanks for the reply Davey-t, I am a total novice at the min so I was thinking this could be the cheaper option to get started and then progress to the big league with a bit more experience!! I had thought of going down the second hand route but I think this may fill the void for a while until I can afford the next step P.S. lovely dog by the way!
  8. this looks fantastic! im at the very start of the astrophotograhy journey and I am currently saving for a mount, do you think I would be as well with this as I already have the dslr? or wait it out and buy the bigger mount when I can afford it?
  9. I'm embarking on this journey myself and if I could capture any image like you have done id be amazed!! Both images look fantastic keep up the good work!!
  10. thanks for the heads up, bbc4 is my favourite channel at the min there is some great programmes on there
  11. yes this is something I would be interested in, in the future! I think I would be a bit out of my depth at the min but the plan would be to join a club or something like you suggest
  12. thanks guys, I ordered the book last night so will hold off until I have read it!! at the minute im even struggling to understand what people are talking about so I clearly have a lot to learn! I never thought buying a mount would be so difficult lol but I am keen to get learning quickly
  13. I'm from whitehead co. Antrim. Yea we are spread far and wide! you can near go anywhere in the world and hear the accent lol
  14. thanks everyone I have took a few photos with the kit lens so far but as I'm sure you's are aware you cant see much!! I have been reading through the site so far and can see it is a minefield and I almost feel out of my depth but sure whats life without a challenge!! Portstewart is a lovely part of the country! I got some pics of northern lights after about 2 weeks with the camera which really ignited my interest in all of this. I am going to order the "every photon counts book" and hopefully will be able to input more into the site in a few months
  15. hello i'm only recently getting my act together with this, although ive had an interest for my whole life. I have a dslr camera and am looking to get into the photography side and will be purchasing a telescope hopefully sometime this year. I look forward to interacting with everyone on the site!!
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