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  1. I finally ordered! Received my ES82 14mm early this week. It looks great, not had a chance to use yet. Really looking forward to Using it. im thinking 8.8mm or 24mm next?? Well that's the plan if this works well/better than I already have.
  2. Has anyone used or able to recommend for Astro gear? thanks
  3. I assume you have already tried other filters on your tv plossl? i have 3 STL filters (ND/O3/UHC) and they work well for me and attach to most of my ep's but not all and other brands do fit. hope you get it resolved
  4. Thanks all for advice so far. ive been trying to decide between Delite and Morpheus as an upgrade from my Starguiders and Meade Plossl. f10 SCT 8 inch i have found a great price /almost half cost of Morpheus/Delite for es82 14mm. Argon. would this be a good choice for my set up? thanks.
  5. Not for me, in my experience my Maxivision gave me more enjoyable viewing experience- every thing about it seemed to outgun my Starguiders. Prior to getting MV I thought I was all set with my starguiders. MVs black is far blacker/cleaner! All targets brighter and crisper with superior colours. Although I have all Starguiders and 1 MV I was unable to do head to head due to different length FLs. Maybe I've talked myself in going down ES / MV path??
  6. Thanks for comments yes driven mount (lx 90) i was very happy happy with my ep's until I got Maxivision 34mm, this was a game changer in my expectations. this is far superior to my starguiders, clearer,brighter , better colour presentation and obviously wider fov. With this in my opinion giving me a far superior visual experience I was hoping Morpheus/Delite or Other Maxivision/ES would do similar or better. thanks
  7. What would be best upgrade for 8 inch SCT?? i currently have starguiders and Meade SP all FL covered, thanks
  8. I use Antares 2inch twist lock dielectric diagonal from RVO. Comes with 1.25 adaptor about £90
  9. Thanks again for help/advice unless I change mind again I will get either 17.5mm or 9mm Morpheus. Has anyone used Tele Vue Delite with F10 SCT 8 inch. Or done a shoot out between these?
  10. Thanks all for advice/comments. a little unsure on these now. might go back to my original idea of either Morpheus 9mm or 17.5mm or ES 82 or maybe Delite??
  11. Thanks for info. RVO have put a few specs next to them now. Not really sure what they compare to
  12. Hello has anyone used or have any useful information on these? i have f10 sct and had been looking at upgrading to Morpheus or ES until I found these . thanks
  13. Hello is there a best suited Baader Morpheus for F10SCT 8inch? im looking to upgrade, I have all FL covered with Meade Plossl 6.4-40 mm and Starguider 8-25 mm plus a MV 34mm im thinking either 9mm or 17.5mm (as this is newest) but will consider all or other recommends. im not going over £200 thank you
  14. Again, thanks for replies and help. i forgot to mention that I also use a binoviewer (not all the time) with 25mm 18mm and not as often with 8mm. i have a 1.85 Barlow/nosepiece that gives me 13.5 for 25mm and 9.7 with 18mm. X3 nosepiece does not get used as often. i can't imagine the Fujiyama 9mm ortho besteting my BV set up for comfort. but for standing at the eyepiece observing. Should the Fujiyama ortho still give me a better optical view.?? im not concerned with losing fov if using ortho as for some reason I think my BV present a narrower fov than when using mono ep. Perhaps it is the magnification playing tricks on me. thanks again for taking time to read and I welcome any advice. i think I'm wanting that better eyepiece!! gtwelve
  15. Thanks Billy, Michael, Mak great to hear from experienced users that I'm looking in right direction!! gtwelve
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