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  1. Thank you! I’m sorry, tell me if I’m being stupid, what is Orion?
  2. Hey Alan, first and foremost, thank you for this info, it is extremely helpful! Particularly about the eyepieces, it has given me a way better understanding many have told me to purchase this book and it is most certainly on my wish list! It is my next purchase! yes that is correct also, I managed to align my finder with my scope but it is out still ever so slightly, I guess that one is practice! youll be pleased to know I found the moon tonight, very happy to tell you all! Kaleigh
  3. Hey, I’m really sorry, I don’t understand what you mean! A canon dslr?
  4. Okay guys! So saw on the news about this blood moon, I was like okay, let’s check it out! It was super cloudy but that didn’t put me off, I went out with my scope in my garden with my 25mm and I got it! After this, I listened to your advice about the Barlow and thought I would give it a try! Got some better detail and closer views! So happy, thank you all so much for your advice, I honestly would have given up by now! Now I’ve come this far, what else should I be looking out for, and what things are cool to see? let me know if I should be asking under a different topic! Once again, thank you so so much!
  5. Okay Barlow ditched, alignment of the finder scope and telescope, just waiting for a clear night! again, thank you for all responses!
  6. What a nightmare! I thought the lock in screws would keep it all in place. Okay I need to get the Cheshire eye piece to collimate it myself, the optics shop is an hour away, so it will knock it out of place everything I go home. And thank you! You are right! It’s been getting on my nerves for a while! All sorted now :-)
  7. This would clear a lot up! Thanks! I’ll start with the lowest magnification then also thanks for the equations
  8. Nothing is too obvious for myself hahah! I’m completely new to this. Following on from last night, here are the photos: with regards to the lenses, I mainly use the 2 x Barlow Lense. The second image, I have no idea what it is. It’s metal and quite weighty, I’ve tried to fit it but I don’t know where it goes, I’ve looked online too with no luck. The third image (I’m unsure if it is helpful) but it’s the FOV taken through my camera, I know it’s pointed at the wall but it gives you an indication - that is with the Barlow Lense. When I took it to the optics they mentioned nothing about any issues with the scope, I was asking questions but I didn’t get much luck with them, they said I can call if I have any problems, so it might be worth doing that :-) Also, thank you for taking your time to help me out!
  9. Hey, I did insert an eyepiece, but thanks for the advice :-) Mine don't actually come in mm, but says something like wide eyepiece. I got 3 altogether I'll post a pic tomorrow, I'm unsure of which to start with Thanks
  10. Hi Peter :-) Thank you for asking! So, long story short, boyfriend drove 1 hour 20 minutes, successfully collimated scope, got home, field of view literally looks like a pinhead. I'm stuck. Nights have been rubbish so haven't had chance to get it out. Apologies for not updating sooner - I have had exams recently, but ready to get back into using my telescope! Any advice would be massively appreciated - I'm thinking it may need collimating again, could the drive home have knocked it out? I might just buy the Cheshire collimating tool and do it myself! Kaleigh
  11. I see what your saying about the planets - however the image is small altogether, its looks like a tiny dot. So I wouldn't even see the moon it would be a black background with a tiny white dot. It seems like the image is not getting reflected properly, there is virtually no image at all
  12. I'll get back to you on this one, I'm at work until 6pm and the same again tomorrow - so it will probably be new years day!
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