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  1. I have been wanting to buy the Celestron Kit you mention for a while, and watched the price go from $99 to $134, and back to $99, then today when I was going to order (I'm visiting me mum in a few weeks and will pick it up there), it went back to the $134. Still a decent price when compared to the 108 quid on amazon.uk. If you want a good number of reviews from people who supposedly bought these (although the users are likely not as serious as the quality users like on this forum), try this link on amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Celestron-94303-Accessory-Kit/dp/B00006RH5I/sr=8-1/qid=1172700
  2. Looks like here in Southern France, home of sun :sunny: except for all of the last 8 weeks since I bought my scope , Lidl will start selling these seats here, for 16.99 euro. Here is a photo from their ad: Looks like I'll be getting one. My wife will laugh as well, not knowing what I'm going to use it for. Since our cleaning lady doesn't even weigh 100 pounds, maybe we should hire a second cleaning lady to get full use out fo the chair????
  3. Hi all, just wanted to share that here in southern France, Aldi is selling a kit consisting of Bresser 10-30x x 50 binoculars with a tripod extendible to 1.61 m for 25 euros, including a transport case for both, and naturally an adapter for the tripod to mount the binoculars (the standard size threads), and 3 year warranty. I needed a new tripod anyway, and at this price to get some decent quality zoom binocs as part of the package seems a steal, even if the quality is "only" good. I can't really try it out tonight, since we're clouded over, but the optics indicated multicoated, whether this i
  4. Hi all, I am curious if my Energizer hiking headlamp, which is a has both white LEDs and Red LEDs for night vision, is workable as a nightime lamp while viewing. The hands-free-ness of it, plus its flippable orientation (the headlamp itself can rotate over 90 degs downward), seems to make it ideal for star parties. I ask, as Sky and Telescope named some $299 red LED flashlight as one of the year's hottest products, and I wonder what that, or any other RED lamp, would do for me that my hiking headlamps doesn't?? these hiking headlamps fro Energizer cost about 25 euros in Europe, but are less th
  5. Stephanie, I have an LXD75 also, bought from Lidl in France, and had some issues but the support has been reasonably good - I went to Meade direct, since it would of course be useless to go back to Lidl for support. My telescope was missing one azimuth adjustment screw and 6(!) were sent within a week. I now have a nonfunctioning collimation/alignment Red LED, and the Meade guy has been responsive to me, even though the problem still exists (he told me today to wait 10 days while he checks into it all and will return to me) are you using the Meade service telephone number of the service in Fra
  6. I've seen that Seben sells a 8-24 zoom eyepiece on ebay for around $50, my telescope came with a 26mm, so the zoom, plus a 32 or 40mm for deep space and maybe a barlow, at least on paper, seems like a good beginning setup. But I've seen a few remarks that Seben is not held in high regard, but at the same time, it seems many here below the 8-24mm is made in one factory with different labels and maybe pricing, based on QA procedures. Any comments? There are so many choices for eyepieces, eyepiece sets, same focal lengths with different FOVs that I'm getting headaches studying it all and trying t
  7. I prefer, if I can afford it, a foam lined standard case, this is cheaper than the custom cases, but also allows me to also take it on trips where I have to take the plane. I was more worried about the mirror and optics getting bumped out of alignment, also in travel in the car, so it seems a fitted case is still the best. How fragile are the mirrors. And what is my mirror made of? it must be bent aluminum, not ground glass, ala Mount Palomar telescope??
  8. Ian's find is exactly what I was looking for :shock: (Thanks Ian ) In checking this out, though, it seems that this cover is meant to cover a fully assembled scope. If Ian is only storing the mount outside, this cover wouldn't work or maybe even be needed, at least judging by the picture. I'm now also thinking of building a circular cement pad in the grass with marks where the tripod legs should go for north orientation; then, if I return toe cope to the north star begfore shutting down for the night, I won t have to re-aim and retrain the next time I observe. The next step would be a rotatin
  9. I have a Meade LXD-75 152/762 F/5 Newtonian, that complete weights about 110 pounds, mainly due to the very heavy (and seemingly solid) mount. What should I transport it in when I go to star parties? It doesn't seem like I should just disassemble the whole thing and throw it in back, but I don't want to pack it in it's original box every time either (protection, yes; sex appeal and convenience, no). Who sells transport cases for telescopes like these, or are they even necessary if you pack carefully?
  10. Hi all, After a few sessions dragging my telescope back in and out of the house onto the terrance, I wondered what are the possibilities of simply storing it outside, naturally under a weatherproof enclosure. I live in a quiet neighborhood, so theft isnt an issue, and this would prevent me from having to move it onto the terrace (where I would do my viewing from home), cool the telescope, and realign it every time I moved it. Does anyone sell enclosures for telescopes? Again, mine is a Meade LXD-75 152/762 F5 Newtonian? I could go on about all the other questions that come up, but you get the
  11. Hi all, thanks for all of the input, it sounds like the 1.25 sets are the way to go, at least for a newbie like me, for now. Amazon.com in the US is offering a Celestron eyepiece kit (Five superior grade Plossl eyepieces, all fully multi-coated for maximum contrast and resolution; 2x, 1.25-inch Barlow; Six colored eyepiece (planetary) filters, 1.25-inch Moon filter) for $130, it was $99 earlier today!!! Are these decent enough to start with? OK it's in the US, but I'm traveling there early next year, not sure if its worth purchasing there to save the money, since I'm nearly tapped out for th
  12. Alright, I might change my icon to a dunce cap for all the dumb questions I'm gonna post, but there doesn't seem to be any sets of 2" eyepieces for sale anywhere, they are all 1.25"? My brand new Meade LXD-75 152/762 Newtonian reflector with Autostar has asked Santa for a set of eyepieces, reminding him that he has an adapter for 2" eyepieces. Seems the larger diameter is preferable from a purely technical standpoint, but where can I get them? And do I need/want them, are they worth it, or are the 1.25" good enough? I'm zeroing in on a good set (Plossls, thanks to those who chimed in with my o
  13. Hi, I just bought a Meade LXD-75 that came with one Plossl eyepiece. I know enough about the eyepieces now, to know the Plossl is basically the better one to have, but my issue is, in about a week, a nearby store will be selling a Meade ETX-70 with several Kellner eyepieces having ranges that I need. It seems that maybe having a second smaller scope, plus the eyepieces, might not be such a bad deal, until such time as I can afford the full set of Plossls (putting aside the Chinese made ones on ebay), which would cost more that the entire ETX-70 scope package to be offered! Can you advise? What
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