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  1. These colour are real but not as saturated in reality. This image was made with the uses of 100 frames for the Light-side and 100 frames for the earth-shine. The earth shine is made up of an old full moon photo as I could not for the life of me get any hit of earth-shine this late in the moons phase but since its so close to the full moon it lines up perfectly. Stats :Canon EOS 1300D :ISO 100 :Aperture F00 :Lens-Skywatcher Maksutov Cassegrain BK MAK127 AZ GT :Editing software-Photoshop :Location -Yamba Australia Link to the original image-https://www.flickr.com/p
  2. I had one question: What colour is the moon? I quickly found lots of images showing me the different colours of the moon with lots of great examples from all over including nasa orbiter photos to help guide me, in my quest to find the colours of the moon. On December the first I took 100 images of the moon I aligned and stacked them and waited for 7 hours on my slow computer and photoshop then edited with this being the result. Equipment used: Telescope-Skywatcher Maksutov Cassegrain BK MAK127 AZ GT , Camera- Canon EOS 1300D The Full Resolution Flickr.com
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