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  1. additionally I live in a forest. the trees are all very close. and because I'm ignorant as stated above I didn't believe my guesstimations were accurate in any way.
  2. lol thanks guys. Setting in the west sometime after midnight! interesting. So obviously nothing out of the ordinary. At Stu lol wowzers what is all that. and fair enough. deep east texas which is still in the northern region of texas. texas is big so it has a lot of northern land mass. but to be more accurate Longview/Tyler area-ish. hwy 155 runs north and south. I was looking south, when the moon was in view at my house. after i killed some time at the gas station on hwy 80 that runs east and west. the moon was just above the western treeline. this all happened rather quickly to m
  3. Hi I'm new here. Briefly looking through this site, it would seem this site is geared towards discussion regarding instruments. So in advance, I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum/website for my question. And. If at all possible, might anyone link me to a website that might be better suited for me. I looked on youtube, and a few other websites and nothing concrete came up as to where the appropriate place to post might be or what it was I was observing regarding moon activity on this early morning of 11/28/2017. So here I am and once again I apologize if this is the wrong foru
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