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  1. Hi kd4wfw, I just picked up a used Celestron C6-S with the CG-5 mount. It's clean overall and hasn't been used in years - the previous owner got it as a gift and was clueless how to use it. I knew the CG-5 mount was buggy from a C8-NGT I owned years ago. The mount immediately goes into a runaway slew after pressing Two Star Alignment without waiting for me to select the first star it chooses, Vega. A second symptom is that the Rate 9 slew will suddenly stop or drop to a very slow slew (the slew bar on the LED screen still rotates the whole time) for about 15 seconds and then resume before happening again. It happens multiple around the same location on RA from 0 to 180 degrees. What I have done to resolve the issue: - Set the DEC index to the correct side – no difference - Used 120V AC cable – no difference. - Used a DC cable from my CGEM II mount – no difference - Flashed hand controller to latest revs for HC to GEM 4.21 and MC 5.20/5.20 – no difference - Cleaned the cable pin ports with alcohol (except the DEC input connection side – no difference - Changed HC and MC to original revs HC GEM 4.10 and MC 5.01/5.01 – no difference - Used a different hand controller and flashed to latest GEM rev – no difference - Tried selecting a different first star, Deneb - no difference - Tried factory reset - no difference Are there any instructions on how to open the RA motor to inspect the encoder? I saw one post by billhinge in this thread with a picture of a disassembled motor but not enough step-by-step detail for me to take one apart. Regards, Ed
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