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  1. It seems I got the answer in this video here,
  2. I am about to going in Mono imaging, but I just though for all the OSC images which I have shot in the past years might still have some use,
  3. Thanks Adam, I use PixInsigh mainly, the process seems complex....
  4. Hi Olly, Thank for the reply, I am asking how to combine OSC with HA image, but HA image will also be shot by OSC,
  5. Hi Everyone, Has anyone try to use the one shot color image combine with HA image, Currently I am using QHY10 CCD, If anyone know how do to it, Pls let me know thanks, Many Thanks, !! Wayne
  6. Thanks, yes I have wrote to Starizona, waiting for the reply
  7. Hi Adam, The photo I show above, with with filter slider added already,
  8. Hi Everyone, I was using QHY10 with HyperStar system on my C11, it was working perfectly fine, When I try on QHY163M, despite that I have turn the focus to max, star is still in donut shape, Can any one give me suggestions, Thanks, Wayne Su 18 Aug 2018
  9. ZWO 1600 seems to be a good camera, also being introduce by Dean from Starizona If you are also using HyperStar, pixel size will be 1.4/pixel, with field of view of 108.6 X 82.1 https://starizona.com/tutorial/pixel-resolution-and-field-of-view-calculator/ After checking, With QHY168, will be 1.77/pixel, with field of view of 144.9 X 96.4 With QHY183, will be 0.88/pixel, with field of view of 81.6 X 54.6, that will be too small...... My current QHY10 which is 2.23/pixel, with field of view of 144.9 X 96.4, same is QHY168 To combine OSC images with narr
  10. Hi Viaiv, Thanks that sound very complex......? I will go study OSC camera, Does any one, have try Hyper Star with Mono camera, which one is the better one to go for, Thanks,
  11. Hi Everyone, Currently I am using Hyper Star system on the 1100HD CPC unit to take photos, I am thinking of change to mono camera, I am thinking of buying the QHY183M with Baader high speed filter, Or does any one has any suggestion for which other mono camera I should go for Hyper Star system ? This is one of the pic I took with my QHY 10 with Hyper Star Or is it really necessary to change to mono camera just to use H, Oiii and Sii filters,
  12. Then it should work, as long as it is more than 8nm, What brand is your lease, I am still waiting for my Baader high speed lense for over 6 month now...., but I also heard that those lens only work best on the Mono camera, what is your finding on that,
  13. Hi Hunter, Did you use Baader high speed filter for it, or normal filter Cos I also got hyper star system, my camera is the same as your one, QHY10, but I though only mono camera will work best for those filters, Thanks,
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