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  1. I have just ordered a 9mm ES 100° FOV 2" eyepiece for use with my 12" Skywatcher Dob - I was so impressed with one that I borrowed at the Peak Star Party last year. Anyway, speaking to Pete at Telescope house, he said that the distributors are pulling out of the UK and you will soon only be able to buy Explore Scientific eyepieces in Europe only in Germany. I know that many people buy them from the US anyway, but if you are the sort of person who prefers to do business with a UK retailer, and you are thinking about getting an ES eyepiece, I suggest that you act quickly as Telescope House are trying to get rid of their remaining stock. There are also some deals to be done as well if you negotiate . . . .
  2. Hi Lindon, I also bought a Skymax 127 on New Years eve and was fortunate enough to get to use it on the first night home - I got a great view of Mars before the corrector plate misted over!! - it was about -8°C outside, and I had been out for nearly an hour so I took it as a blessing in disguise . Mind you, two minutes after coming in, all hell broke loose as fireworks and hot air lanterns filled the skys - it was New year afterall!! I went for the supatrak mount (and a star atlas!). Maybe i'm old-fashioned, but I am up for the challenge of trying to star hop using a map to try and find objects (plus I have stellarium running on the PC to tell me what I should be seeing in the back garden!) Really pleased with the scope so far and thank you to all the members on SGL who have written reviews which helped me to make up my mind about choosing it. The big plus for me is the portability and speed with which it can be set up - you just have to remember to put it outside at least 30mins before intended use to 'cool down' for optimum viewing. My only additional purchase so far was a 17Ah 12V portable power supply from Maplin. It is yellow and designed for jump starting cars, with a built in air compressor and torch - I have put a red sweet wrapper inside the lens cap as a filter. It has a 12V DC supply socket on the side and the best bit was that the supplied cable fits the supatrak mount! It is currently on sale at £24.99 (was £39.99). Works a treat, and when suspended underneath the accessory tray with bungee cords, provides additional ballast to make the mount more stable. Anyway, hello to everyone else and looking forward to my first trip out to a proper dark sky site. Simon
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