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  1. been playing around lastnight and seem to have got the hang of the controls (focusing lol) and the whole movement/balancing of the set-up. Now i just need a list if possible of the ideal eye-peices and attachments that fellow 150pds (or similar) users would recommend to get the best out of it!?? im not too worried about taking pics at the moment but would be helpful for the right adapter for the nikon d3200 though! As always thanks in advance, and look forward to all the helpful gang with their amazing input
  2. After reading up all i could beforehand and being totally excited about this new hobby, tonight has made it all worth it! With thanks to alan, i found the extension tube i was ment to be using for the stock 28mm eye piece! So spent an hour now admiring the moon in all its glory! Many thanks everyone
  3. well got it all working, and thought i would try and view the moon so found it, tried and tried to focus the moon but to no avail! just a blurry mess,
  4. So the gear in the right of this pic is the one that doesnt move when using the controller but when using the slo mo cable it does and it moves the telescope, there is no room for it to marry up to the internal gear and it is done up solid, the motors all sound fine??
  5. Looking at the last pic i took, there is no room for these two gears to marry up as they are more like side by side than linking together like the other set of gears
  6. So when using the hand dial to manually turn, the outside gear(small) turns in motion with the handle, when using the controller the internal gear(large) moves but the telescope and external gear do not move?
  7. Yes all connected properly as the motor does run when i press left or right but it just wont engage the gears! Up and down is fine though arrrggghh!!
  8. What part is that? The black lever that is on both axis to stop the telescope from swinging freely? If so i have tightened and untightened these but still nothing
  9. Hi guys, im all set up after having to go and buy a power source today! I been having a read through the useless manuals that came with the 150pds and eq3-2 pro goto mount! When trying to manual slew the telescope, the up and down buttons are great but when trying left or right then the motor is running by no movement at all the brass gears are stuck solid!? even when trying to align the telescop etc it all works apart from the left/right movement! I can turn this manually(using the hand dial) though even when the controller is powered up, but the up/down wont move manually until th
  10. sorry for the confusion, i have the 150pds, eq3-2 pro goto synscan package from first light optics
  11. Well opened all the boxes, got the tripod and telescope sorted, but the skyscan pro has no instructions on how to connect to the tripod mount, no instructions on how to wire in everything, no instructions on how to power up the controller or how to connect to laptop????? urgent help if anyone on here today please
  12. For anyone still following/interested in this thread. The wife offered to purchase the above gear so having just returned from holiday i have until xmas day when i can get hold of my new toy!! Been reading alot online too and a book! so will update again over the xmas period with a new thread on my progress
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