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  1. a dehumidifier would definately remove the unwanted moistier but the shed would need to be fairly water tight or your be such the moistier out of the worlds air which is pointless and a waste of money plus i wouldnt suggest having it on constantly just at a set level which is built into them anyway as if they are left too close to circuit boards for a long period they completely dry them out making them useless.a dehumidifier will suck the cold/damp water out of the air or anything that can harbour moistier,then freezes it just like your fridge or freezer but instead of using the frozen water it then heats and melts the water allowing it to be collected into a bucket for emptying. very clean water and great for the plants! a dehumidfier will also warm the air so perfect for a cold shed as it would not distort your viewing as the air isnt hot its warm/dry. not that it helps you to build a shed but at least you know how they work now,he,he. regarding the permanent pc you would need a cupboard of somesort to store to stop the moistier getting to it.maybe put some draught proofing around the cupboard door etc and i most certainly wouldnt suggest putting the most upto date powerful pc in there just something that will do the job. i would put a concrete base down for the pier to give a nice stable view and if your shed is to be built off the ground build it round the pier in the concrete base then the pier will be stable and the shed alot warmer rather then having concrete as the flooring. ben
  2. ok thats brill steve thankyou.i might get the chance ....one day....when clouds find somewhere else to live... to experiment and use my new eyepieces. thanks again ben
  3. spend the extra on celestron 102 then get the eyepieces.superb bit of kit.the optics are great on the celestron but the eyepieces let it down.plossl's turn it into a much better scope.
  4. the 2" would be 51mm or something wouldnt it? if you look on www.celestron.uk.com i noticed some large eyepieces on there.
  5. hi steve.quick couple of questions again.i can sort the macro out as it also has a setting for supermacro. i do have a moon filter or will i still need to change the white balance(do i turn it all the way off or just slight grey)? also what is iso or iso 400? ive read the basic and advanced user manual and there isnt a mention of iso anywhere,is there maybe a different name for it? do i shoot in normal mode and set the settings up as i have different modes on mine such as cuisine,fireworks,sunset,document,candlelight well loads of different settings for different photos.
  6. thanks for the replys. does this link help? http://www.olympus.co.uk/consumer/29_Digital_Camera_IR-500_Specifications.htm
  7. wow i didnt know i could do that.i have a nokia 6111 or a digi cam which is an olympus ir-500 which has written on it 2.8x optical zoom and 4.0 megapixel. any good?
  8. hi all so i know i need a t adaptor or something along those lines.at the mo im not the richest person but to start off i would like something cheap that will take pics such as the moon etc.what can people suggest? someone mentioned you can pic up a webcam thingy for £40? is that true and what webcam is that? do i need a laptop for that?would it work out cheaper to buy a cam? what cam? cheap as possible just for the moment till i get the hang of it plus knowing me i will probably be upgrading my scope very soon so will get a very good camera at the same time. thanks in advance ben
  9. thats a smart idea ZOG. on mud/grass you can push the tripod into the ground but on solid ground its not happy and when you look into the scope it seems to move from its target and you have to readjust the goto.its as if the motor or whatever on the goto system isnt screwed tightenough that it has slight play in it.
  10. saying that..you could build it on the moon?yer would cost loads more but it wouldnt suffer from cloads being in the way.you could build it loads bigger and could still control it the same way you would control the hubble plus if theres ever a problem we know we can land on the moon safely.
  11. thanks thats all i needed to confirm.it was a perfect gift as he loves the fact he owns a part.hes got a pretty close and clear pic of his plot.if it were true i was going to buy a plot.he he. :moon:
  12. go for the Plossls.will save time and you buying something that you dont really need.plus with most plossl sets you get all filters needed. ben
  13. yep that is definately a good thing.im glad i have a refractor now.i cant even work my goto (yet!) let alone try and collimate my scope.ill get there. but now i know what it is and what its for.
  14. astroman you are a lucky ....... arizona! i bet the skys are beautiful.you would hate the skys over here. ben
  15. 800x wow.and theres me with my celestron 102slt at about 70x.what kinda price is that setup? obsevatory price or is it still personal use gear? i seriously need to start saving! ben
  16. do i have it on my scope celestron 102 slt refractor and do i need it or what is it?is it important to me? the more i learn about scopes and astronomy the more i find i dont know!spose thats a good thing though. ben
  17. OK this may have been brought up in the past but please tell me that you CANNOT but parts of the moon.my young brother of 10 got part of the moon last year and have only just realised my father actually paid money for this picture and certificate.now I'm not being funny but surely no one can own the moon or parts of it and that must have been some hoax as i can get a pic of the moon and print of a certificate.?(don't worry i wont tell my younger brother as its like telling a child Santa isn't real.he loves space etc). Ben
  18. if your a beginner then this is maybe one to concider.at time of me writting this it is £299 new and offers a great refractor scope which includes a goto mount which can have accesories added such as gps,upgrade the handset with the latest software,the 25mm eyepiece is ok but the 9mm eyepiece works alot better if viewing the moon close.i would definately suggest upgrading the eyepieces as the standard ones really dont show any quility build compared to the aftermarket ones(the eyepieces let the scope down). the tripod is a little wobbly depending on what ground your on but if your starting out its perfect and to upgrade would just cost too much for the beginner. you will see the moon nice and clearly but as you are buying a beginner scope please dont do what i did and expect to land on the moon or planets as you wont but the contrast is amazing of the moon and you will clearly see the crators of the moon. can anyone give any reviews or comment on what i have said? ben
  19. ok so just using my 6mm is good enough for my scope on its own but if i want more get a barlow and buy a better than standard 25mm eyepiece.do you have to use the diagonal or can you just put the eyepiece in the end as it does fit? surely the diagonal looses some of the manification or does it amplify slightly? has anyone heard of what steelrat says about screwing the eyepiece into the barlow? thanks for all responses ben
  20. he has edited the link. BUT im sorry people i really need to go back to school as i really dont understand anything on that website(yes im a newbie) can that not be explaned easier? if ive got a 6mm eyepiece do i need to get a barlow lense and if i do will it still be ok to view the moon which is what i want to do the closer the better?
  21. yer good one 7/7 (well not good one but you know what i mean) ok thats brill thanks i shall try that format as i put it in as our/uk format which is probably why my goto is saying match/alighnment failed. ben
  22. is that good or bad? will look at your link now. :sunny: link not working have tried the site with no luck of finding the tutorial part.
  23. thanks all i feel nice and cosy i have ventured out from the welcome posts to the other subjects/catagorys cheers ben
  24. today i just got myself a 6mm pllosl (whatever!) eyepiece and a moon filter by celestron to go on my celestron 102 slt.what differences can i expect compared to the standard 9mm? also what is a barlow apart from a bigger eyepiece for magnification? can i get one to use with my 6mm and will it actually make a difference or am i going the wrong way completely? i want to view the moon as close as possible without much distortion. :moon: ben
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