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  1. Hey man, this was probably the most constructive useful comment, on this thread even though i had no idea what u were talkin bout (or i for that matter :0 I mean with the IR Bridge being stationry relative to earth and all LMFAO think i was drunk) I was still inspired and knew u Knew ur [removed word] with mention of Newton and Einstein, my faverite 2 bros man Im defo gunna U tube Minkowski....I really hope U read this coz ima tell ya sumthing awesome and youll remember...In regards to unifying Quantum phisics with general relatativeity....Neil Turoc is on the Ball he hasnt quiet got it but
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong)(highly likely) Pretty sure I've read or seen on a doco that black holes can be quite small eg an apple, not sure how they get that small possibly through loss of mass from hawking radiation which may be unlikely given our galaxy is relatively young, this still may be possible if it was ejected /orphaned from an older galaxy and captured by ours?
  3. Hi, im Kez and have heaps of questions about a hypothesis I came up with hopeing some one will help with some of these and educate me a lot. What math would I nerd to learn to try to calculate the size of a black hole with a mass several times that of earth? If a small black hole were stationary relative to the sun close to our solar system would the orbit of earth be likely to create an eclipse with a distant star and if so at what frequency and would current technology be able to conclusively measure an observation? Also what math do I need to figure this out? Anyone know an
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