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  1. Oh great ! Thanks for the info ! Well if the star dicovery 150mm reflector is not well collimated , i guess , it is not well collimated for life ... The primary as they say is not collimateable and is fixed into position permanently. Maybe I got that part wrong ? Idk. But I think I got it right And wow , I didn’t know there were special microscope to telescope adapters on the market , but it seems there are That’s good if I won’t be able to DIY something xD I will at least (worst case) just hold my microscope eyeiece just the correct place by hand and look through it , cause I don’
  2. Yea , you’re definately messing things up I have nevery had a mount / camer or a telescope before xD
  3. Oh , thanks for the comments , although I guess you got me wrong about the desert air xD It’s not actually air that comes from Sahara , nor it is dusty , it is just very very hot you know. Like when you turn on a gas stove and look to the air just higher from the flame - it wobbles around from the heat - that’s the effect here during a summer day although without any fire xD. And also : Yes I have , but maybe not , cause photography while being very interesting subect and fun thing to do , is still not my primary reason of getting a scope . Thx for advice , though don’t know what
  4. Oh man , you guys always fascinate me with such detailed and informative comments ! I am the buyer , yet I didn’t notice there were two different mounts on them , not to mention that one of them is not meant to work with no power. You basically gave me the answer . I will still go with the reflector. As for transportation , it will probably be like once a week or sth if I am lucky , and it is a place where I definately won’t walk to in any case , no matter which scope xD , so as long as it is in the car it’s basically the same to take either of them along. By the way how do y
  5. Oh that’s fortunate ! Thanks for letting me know . By the way what is the major difference between the reflectors and refractors ? Cause today I found an option similar to the Star Discovery 150mm reflector , instead it is a refractor. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/startravel/skywatcher-startravel-102-synscan-az-goto.html Now , it is a bit cheaper than the prev. one , and I would like to know more about what I would get more and what less with this one than the reflector. The things I noiced were that : 1.Obviously cheaper. 2.Refractor means smaller in size (I
  6. I generally hate really cold too (LOL) , but now if I can remember accurately -when it starts snowing here , it doesn’t even stop for 2 months ... , so I guess worrying much about too cold isn’t a big concern. And I am happy to hear that dry heat won’t interfere . Although I can say that we sometimes have that “Sahara Desert” air , which tends to make the air very turbulent (idk if it is the right term tho) , so you can see the air rise , squiggle around with just your eyes Won’t that be a problem when you change from 1x-150x magnification ? Although it may* not be the same for the nigh
  7. Good to hear that you have a positive opinion about the scope. Now the power tank , I won’t buy immediately with the scope , but when I actually run the scope with batteries and see if it does the trick for me or not. Also good to know that it is portable That’s good ! And about the Field Derotator - of course I will buy it - I can’t afford to buy the Sky Watcher Explorer 150P with GoTo mount for 730$ , but i can afford to buy a FREAKING FIELD DEROTATOR for 995$ plus a scope (Sry , didn’t wanna sound rude xD) , but thanks anyway for letting me know there is such an accessory.
  8. After doing a bit of research I find that the SkyWatcher Star Discovery 150P may be the best option.It is quite expensive , but I think after all there is no way without GoTo , and the scope is good too Considering it doesn’t need regular primary collimation as most Newts do , it is even better . I was against Alt Az mount for some time , but now that I consider this option I think it may be the best option for me . 1. It is (hopefully) lighter than an eq mount. 2.No counterweights , weighing as much as the mount ... 3.Not so good for very long exposures , but I am not planning
  9. Oh Giving a location won’t change much ) But if you want to know I live in Armenia City Yerevan , if you wanna check light pollution I would be happy if did and told me if it is doable .
  10. Thanks for the suggestions . The ED80 Apo is out of my price range unfortunately , although I consider the SkyWatcher Star Discovery 150P a great option. The only concern is the Alt-Az mount , but I searched on youtube and found some people doing ap with the same model . They said the exposures were limited to 30-90 sec , but they had great pictures anwyway . Plus the GoTo will save my life basically ... Can the batteries be enough to run it ? Or the power tank is a must ? Also why isn’t that model not in the skywatcher official website ? It is somewhat confusing why they wouldn’t adverti
  11. Oh , first of all thank you for your comments and effort , but fortunately for me ,you got me wrong I plan to observe from the top of my building , and from there there is NOTHING in the way to the stars - you can see ALL THE SKY , no limitations . (The only limiting factor is the light pollution ...) Also , you said that even if I see only one or two bright stars unarmed , then with a telescope I will see more , right ? And so it will help me to starhop At least I hope it will Although , are my chosen scopes good enough ? Maybe some amateur ap ? Any other scope sugge
  12. Thanks to everyone who replied It was faster than I expected to see replies ! Thanks for all your comments. First of all yes I am going to observe from the rooftop , not the balcony And I think I shouldnt have mentioned the Vega thing , because let me tell you again - I have VERY VERY small piece of sky to look at from my balcony, so by saying I only see Vega , it means I cannot see anything surrounding vega in a small area , not that I see Vega in the whole sky .Although I have not been under a clear sky late at night , so can't really say what exactly I can see. So yea , a
  13. Hey everyone ! I am new to this site , don't know how to properly use it , but hope someone will help me As the topic says , I am trying to buy my first telescope , and am quite excited for it. I have been reading wuite a lot about astronomy , so I know most of the basics , but have many many unanswered questions ... xD I was originally looking for a scope for viewing the planets , but well , after learning more , I thought that maybe a scope that can show only planets will eventually get a BIT boring , and will not be used much (although I still admire the planets and still will wan
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