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  1. Hi all, Need a bit of advice please on the eq mount that came as a bundle package with the astromaster 114 newton scope. I've polar lined up, balanced up and locked all down etc. BUT on the part of the mount with the 24hr clock (as pictured) there is a wobble, nothing's loose, just a wobble when viewing. Is this something I have to learn to live with being a beginner's scope / mount or am I missing something. Hope the above makes sense being a newbie. Many thanks Ian
  2. Ian M

    Ian from Suffolk

    Thank you all for the hello and advice. I will keep you informed on how I get on
  3. Ian M

    Ian from Suffolk

    Hi all, I have just got into astronomy in the last month, after the misses bought me a celestron astromaster 114eq newton scope (with 20mm and 10mm eyepiece and 2x barlow) and stumbled across this great forum. Just a quick hello and can anyone let us know the sort of things i will be able to see with this scope? Ian
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