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  1. So i was browsing amazon de and i found a telescope thats incredibly cheap.A meade 8 inch goto.It retails for 2000 euros but its selling FOR FREAKING 350 EUROS.Somebody is really trolling or the telescope is completely broken although it says its like new.I can give the link if you want to see it.Imagine if the telescope is in great condition and if the seller is trusted.I would kill myself.
  2. Ok will consider used parts and thanks to everyone who contributed.
  3. Also i need help with one more thing.What happens when for example you put a 8kg telescope on a 5kg payload mount.
  4. I made my decision.I will pick the skywatcher mak 127 and az3
  5. Happy kat can u maybe give me a link for freedom find mount i cant seem to find it.
  6. If we compare the mak 90,102,and 127 do they have different optics.
  7. So maksutov is pretty much better for terrestrial if we exclude the fov.Field of view isnt a problem because as you said i will be watching stationary objects.If i was to choose i mak i think i would oick the 102/1300 mm mak with az3
  8. Thank you so much for the explanation.But i heard mak has really minimal ca so wouldnt it be better for terrestrial.
  9. But...I also have one more telescope in mind.Its the skywatcher 90/900.It is longer than the 120/600.But would the ca on the 120 be really that bad.
  10. Thank you again.So if i understand the shorter the refractor the more ca it has.Right?
  11. Its not actually the us.Sorry if i provided false info.Im from europe
  12. Thank you for the advide.Im hoping to look mostly at the planets.And im also considering the skymax 127 because if i purchase it with the az3 mount it will be 90 dollars more expensive but i think it will be worth it.What are your thoughts.
  13. Hello guys as you see i am new in the forums and im starting my stargazing adventure.I want to use my telescope as an astronomical and a terrestrial telescope so preferably a mak or a refractor.My budget is 450 dollars for both telescope and tripod. I already found one good telescope http://skywatcher.com/product/bk-1206az3/ Its the skywatcher 120/600. Let me know if you have any other telescopes.Thank you
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