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  1. These look pretty interesting, the 15mm and 7mm are tempting me although the 23mm does seem to be a bit on the hand grenade side of things
  2. Thank you very much! And as well to everyone else for all the replies - I don't have much of a chance to test various EPs prior to buying so given the money I wanted to be sure there wasn't any lemons on the faster end to completely avoid. I think I'd almost hoped there'd be only one series to choose from to save me some effort That also reminds me I need to do a proper introduction post!
  3. I was wondering what people's experiences are with using the wider angle eyepieces with a fairly fast Newtonian and what they'd recommend? Currently looking to upgrade to a couple of very wide angle eyepieces to help with viewing DSOs and to make manually following objects like the smaller planets with our 10" dob a bit smoother compared to the current 7mm plossl we're using. As I understand it, the more budget 82 degree eyepieces will struggle vs a higher quality, lower FOV eyepiece due to the faster scope, but I was curious as to what the "minimum" (for lack of a better word) I should be looking at for an 82/100 degree eyepiece should be? I'm in the UK so any eyepieces available in the UK/Europe should be fine. Some of the series I was looking at would be SW Myriad, the ES 82/100 degree series, Meade series 5000 UWA and there also seems to be a series of 100-degree eyepieces that get sold under a few different brands, one of which is the TS XWA series. Looking at both a ~20-28mm and ~5-9mm EP to pair with a 2x barlow for a good range of magnification, and will probably be purchasing a coma corrector at some point. Are there any of these I should be looking at avoiding in particular? A small amount of aberration at the edges isn't really a huge issue as I'm not expecting perfectly sharp images across the whole field, just wanted to avoid the worst offenders on fast scopes so I know what to avoid and what to keep an eye out for second hand as well.
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