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  1. Hello , If 400-600 is what you wanna spend on an optical tube and you want higher magnifications , you must sacrifice field of view . Maybe you might go for a Cestron C5 or C6 , or a 5 ich MAK cassigrain . They give you more magnification as well they would be abale to be used with your current mount and they are a pretty small package compared to a relfectpr or longer refractor . The schmidt cassigrain has tons of add ons and you can add a reducer corrector to it to give you in effect two scopes in one a f/6.3 scope with it on the scope and the off the scope a f/10 scope you can do alot with this set up and is good for imaging as well . with the reducer corrector on it at f/6.3 its good for wider field flatter views of view nebula, open star clusters ect .... at f/10 you can do higher magnification planets , globulars , and double stars really the schmidt cass. Is a really all around good to great performer at alot fo things and its a small package and good for your mount optical tubes can be purchased used for a lower price I owned a C5 and I used it as my primary instrument for 10 years did alot with it as well but sct,s are a comprimise scope it does alot fo things in the good range but not great . A refractor even a low end refractor will out resolve an SCT a larger relfector is brighter and i fel will out resove and SCT as wel as long as its collominated well . so think about it an SCT might be the way to go longer narrower focal ratios, reducer corrector turns any sct into a wider scope and they are light weight and can sit on smaller mounts such as yours best of luck .
  2. Hello All Simply put what do you think fo Celestron C5 for a mid sized SCT . Need portabilty, the option of f/10 or f/6.3 is awesome for viewing and good size for portability. I put it out to you . Sorry dont want a dob no storage for one . APO refractors are well out of my budget even cheap ones. thanks for your advice .
  3. Hello all !! I have owned a C5 in the past but the 5 inch set up on a Nexstar se mount is very attractive. The C5 can be adapted to be a f/10 scope or a f/6.3 with proper adapter, great for wider field viewing and photo work or you can just use it at f/10 for planets , and double stars.a good multipurpse scope. With a wedge I can do astro photo work as well very cool. I think I want the Nexstar SE mount cause you can change optical tubes. I if I want extreme low power wide field views I can buy a 3 ich APO at f5.0 , or I can use the C5 at f/10 to f/6.3 two scopes in one, or if I want more light grasp I can buy a C8 to look at galaxies and nebula in brighter and more detial the planets look better as well. Had a cousin who had a C8 still remember Saturn in this scope like it was yesterday. The C8 also does the magic trick of f/10 or f/6.3. very cool. With certian C8's and I think C5's you can do Fastar a really cool trick as well you can do astro photo work at f/2 thats very atteactive for future endevors. 30 second photos vs 45 min photos. What do you think I should do in the future of my needs. I dont need to hear about 2000.00 APO scopes , I hate equetorial mounts completely .Id rather buy the SE mount and then buy a wedge for it to do my basic astro photo work. Besides if I love astro photo work I will probably buy a mount thats legendary for astro photo work later. So I dont need to be inundated with stuff about equetorial mounts that are way out of my price range any ways my price range is 400.00 to 1200.00 . If you have information on other GOTO alt/az mounts I would love to know about them thats the way I m gona go. Its really an open book right now Im not gona buy the scope for a year . So My opinion as to what I want is probably gona change as time goes on . Right now I am engrossed in binocular astronomy learning the craft of star hopping and reaquanting myself with the night sky. I want to go to a semi local astronomy club to see if anyone has this scope and look at it in person to see what I really want . If storage and transportaion and accsess to a good site was not an issue, Id buy a computerized push to dob probably 10 or 12 inch , but then again I could not do any photo work with a dob other than video planet/moon work . SO I thnk the nexstar SE is the system for me versitility, light weight , compact for transport and storage, good optical tubes and a really good wifi app with another adaption. There seems to be alot one can do with the Nexstar system . I think its the way to go for me . What do you think .Thanks happy hunting the Evolution system is out it costs too much for my basic astronomy ambitions. Basic visual and basic astro photo work really its pretty simple the more basic and easier to use the better lets keep this from getting complicated.
  4. Hello to all here , Just bought a cheap pair of celestron 10x50 cypress binouculars the left tube has some sort of odd thing where the bright stuff shows a spike on the top and will not make pin points . The right tube will also not make pin points but its much better . Over all they seem to be well ok at best. I saw lots of stuff with them on a quarter moon phase but for the money I think I can do better . I think 10x50 is a bit to high in magnification I cant hold them steady enough for extended periods of time so I ordered another pair of binoculars. I think I will enjoy 7x500 more . it will be my only optics for a while so i think i want a better class of glass . I am gona try 7x50 instead and see if thereis a major differance to me visually everthing is so small I dont think 3x in magnifcation will make a huge differance except on the moon and It will give me a wider field of view . I bought the second pair a pair of Nikon Action EX 7x50's I read only good things about these boinoculars . All the reviews I have read never not one of them said they had crappy optics I have used an older pair of these and was delighted by the view so i think im gona go for the action ex and see what they do under the stars . I dont and will not have a scope for 6-12 months or longer . I plan it this way so I can get good at useing star charts and star hopping with a good map I bought the Sky and Telescope Jumbo star atlas . On the first night with in 2 hours I was star hopping all over it was so much fun. When I do get a scope I will be able to star hop and enjoy the night sky . I want a GOTO mount for ease of use and max enjoyable times under the stars I do alot of public education nights and GOTO would be so nice to line up a scope and then press enter rather then make a crowd of people wait for 3-5 min while i find the next target . I never had a GOTO before always had non GOTO mounts . so Im gona try a celestron SE probably the 4 se or the 5 se portability is very important to me and I have very little storage as well and live in the second floor . I have already owned a C5 it had terrible optics the worst scope I have ever owned so Im a bit shy to go for another C5 it also has to be very afordable . The 4se is a good scope but kinda narrow field of view ,and you cant put an adapter on it to give you f/6.4 scope . I think the versitility of the C5 would be perfect seeing how I want to get into astro photo work as well . All I would need for this scope is a wedge and i could do simple astro photo work as well as extemely wide field astro photo work with camera lenses . PS!! You dont have to remind me that APO refractors are better casue you have a 3000.00 80 mm refractor, you dont need to tell me a equetorial mount is better for astro photo work cause I wanna put a wedge on an SE mount , you dont need to tell me my system preferances are inferior for what gear I want . I only have so much money for astro gear this time around I want average to good proven gear, that will fulfill my needs and offer me a solution to get good to great views of the heavens, offer me an opertunity to do basic astro photo work, and a set up thats quick and easy to set up and use . I figure an alt /az GOTO mount might be exactly what I need for basic observation and simple astro photo work . The system needs to be crazy simple i do alot fo public events on street to show the public about astronomy the less set up time the better. I want simple this time around I went with the hard core expensive equetorial mount and crazy expensive apo refractor optical tube it frustrated me to no end and i got out of astronomy . Thats why this time the mantra is keep it simple stupid KISS ! Binoculars for a year then look at what a good scope for my needs will be for now its fun to look at gear and figure out what I am saving my money for .
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