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  1. I built my own Obs. and it isn't too dissimilar to yours, except I painted mine Spruce Green to
    match the fences around my garden.
    If guys have the room for an observatory, it is worth while having one, with permission of her indoors of course ?.

  2. Looks terrific Neil?. Is the Pier in place inside there, and the mount facing North ?
    I spotted an electric radiator  In the Warm Room area, which  is probably  screened off from the Obsy. itself.
    You should get a lot of work done in there as long as the skies  cooperate.
    If that's a self build,  you've done a cracking job matey.

  3. A lovely little chap indeed.  I'm curious to
    know If he's interested in Electro. Magnetism too.
    I eagerly await his posts on the forum when he's a bit older.
    He will get a great many ^Likes^  for sure ?.

  4. 4 hours ago, JimT said:

    Ha ha, I was running all this on a reel up to a few weeks ago when I got a sparky in and he done a full electrification from the house, has a RCD box either end and enough 2 socket boxes to satisfy the lot, cost me but happy.  Now all I need to do is take photos ;)


    As long as you're safe matey, that's the important thing. 
    Always best to employ a Pro. with Electrickery :icon_biggrin:.

  5. That is a superb sight and well imaged Vicky.
    Globulars are intriguing, and very interesting objects, and a popular target for Astro. Photographers.
    One would Imagine a sight to behold if on a Planet orbiting one of those stars, I think there is a separation of at least 1 light year
    between the closest pair. However, an observers night sky must be a mind boggling vista.
    Congrats on a nice job on this.



    Rog. Your lunar Images are truly exceptional.

    Just enjoyed half hour of browsing pleasure, and appreciating the splendour of the lunar surface.

    Great stuff my friend.


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