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  1. Thanks for comments - yes it was too red and now the image is more balanced. It took me two nights fighting drift alignment to get it right - but then my stars were showning no major drift issues! Here is a slightly adjusted less red version which I think now is just about right. http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/coolhandjo/tarantula-publish2.jpg
  2. Thanks for the comments guys. Yes, this is the first time I have had the chance to image the Tarantula Nebula as it is obstructed from my home obs. I have posted a slightly less red version here: http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/coolhandjo/tarantula-publish1.jpg
  3. This is my first dark sky image (Wiruna - Australia). Tarantula Nebula with 6 inch newt on eq5 and modded canon 350d. 5 minute expousres (about 85min) Calibrated. Had all sorts of issues the first couple of nights but then managed to squeeze this out on the third night. Comments Welcomed http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/coolhandjo/tarantula-publish.jpg
  4. Superb detail.. Love the FOV.. Very Low noise.. Well done!
  5. Thanks for feedback. I also love this target. Its possibly one of the nicest galaxies to image due to its dust lanes and surface jets! Harel - I might combine both as you suggest!
  6. Nice processing! Has a spooky feel to it! Nice and soft but tight stars....
  7. Nice wide shot. Stars pinpoint. Nice Colours. Equipment used?
  8. Thanks for the comments. Here is a less clipped version .
  9. This image is LRGB 40:32:32:32 8inch Newt Atik 314L+ (-9.5deg) Everything seemed to work fine on the night, guiding was good, sky was clear, moon wasn't too bright. As always, I find the Sculptor reasonably hard to process. Comments welcomed Thanks for viewing
  10. Have these been sent out yet? I am in Australia and still waiting (eagerly!)
  11. Very nice! tight stars and colour spot on..
  12. You did a pretty good job of containing the core as its not too blown out and you still have enough stretch to get the outer detail so well done. Stars are tight and full of depth so well done there too. Make sure any filters you use are close to the chip to prevent excessive vignetting. Also A DSLR chip may work best at about 55mm from any coma corrector to prevent vignetting and to get a focul length thats not altered.
  13. Thanks for comments - yes it was sitting pretty high when I imaged it! And I agree re more Ha and Oiii - would be worth it. Might give it a try tonight!
  14. Thanks all - it is a very unusual object that,s for sure!
  15. Fantastic - Your FOV is making me sweat with envy!
  16. Brilliant use of the Narrowband pallet! Great "epic" shot - Well done!
  17. I Noticed that this Nebulas was in perfect postion for imaging the other night. Due to Full Moon I used Narrow Band Filters only to capture this image. This image is Ha 40min, Oiii 40min, & Sii 40min with 8inch Newt and Atik 314L+ The Nebula is faint at Mag 11.8, and is 4.1 Arc Min The Nebula surrounds a dying star some 1,600 light-years away in the constellation Cetus. The star you can see at the centre of the image seems egg shaped, but its actually a binary (two stars). This binary is becoming a dense, hot white dwarf (dying). This is only the second Planetary Nebula I have imaged and I find them fascinating, but difficult. Comments Welcomed.
  18. Ordered mine too. No option for postage though as I live in Aus. Waiting to hear back on how much postage will be - but have paid for the clalander via pay pal.
  19. Very nice. The Sii will set this off perfectly!
  20. I love this nebula. Great capture nice smooth and framing spot on. Well done as usual.
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