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  1. My only problem with Turn left would be that, from what I've read about the book, it's for Dobsonian mounts, whereas I have an equatorial mount. Is it still usable even so? Wouldn't another book that refers directly to EQ mounts be better? Or at least recommended to also buy?
  2. EXACTLY what I was talking about, although mine is missing a few pieces - the cap on where you put the eye-piece, for example, which I have replaced with an actual covered eye-piece, the screw for the counterweight and the fine-tuning screw for latitude adjustments (I did my research). I expect to find replacements in my shed for the screws, when I get around to sifting through a few tonnes of rusted metal bits and bolts *sob*... I DID read that, but again, to me it sounded like Malagasy. I understood that one of the most important characteristics of a scope was the aperture size, but
  3. Hello, Recently, one of my friends has moved out of the country and he has handed me (and other friends) certain items he couldn't take with him or didn't want to sell. Considering that I was the biggest star lover of the bunch , having learnt a few constellations -mostly to figure out where north is while hiking, I've been handed down his old telescope. I have researched a bit about it these past 3 days I've had it, and I would like to ask a few questions if you would be so kind to answer. So, first things first, what I've figured out (or have been told) so far: 1) It is on an equat
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