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  1. Thanks for the reply's guys obviously i'm not going to be making a noise or doing anything to upset any locals that might be in the area so if i can find a nice quiet spot where i can set up and stay the night that would be great. I'll post on here after i've been up and let you know how i get on. Mick
  2. That's what i want to find out don't really want to spend £20 on a campsite when there must be plenty of places where someone wont mind if you just pitch a tent for the night?
  3. Hi Everyone I am thinking about driving up to Kielder for the dark skies however i don't want to go to a camp site as i'm just going up for the night. My question is does anyone know where would be the best place to just park the car and do some observing, and depending on the conditions if need be pitch a tent for the night. Thanks Mick
  4. Hi Graham If you want to test out your leads i live in Sunderland maybe we could get together and try mine on your set up. I know mine work both ways so that would prove your leads. Cheers Mick
  5. When i first connected the scope through stellarium i had a similar problem when pressing cntrl and the port number. I solved the problem by installing the scope on every port which on mine is 4 i then went through each one trying to connect to scope until eventually the system connected. I know this probably is not the problem you have but sometimes we do overlook the obvious.
  6. Hi everyone i am thinking about buying this accessory for my C8-NGT. My question has anyone bought one of these and if so is it worth the cost. Cheers Mick
  7. Thanks for the advice guys i have checked out the tutorial and hopefully understand this a bit better now? Unfortunately i think you've lost me there Derek lol. Mick
  8. Cheers Andy Never really thought to reduce the exposure time obviously i have been over exposing the object all the time as i keep trying to get longer exposures in the hope i would get more detail.
  9. I know this isn't a brilliant picture but thought i would put it on the site and invite any comments good or bad. Hopefully some of you will be able to advise me on where i go from here. To be honest i am still a little confused when using DSS and still haven't got the hang of it and should have used more images. With this picture i only used about 10 and never added any darks or flats? These were taken with a Canon 350d on an 8" celestron with exposure times of 40 seconds. Cheers in advance Mick
  10. I have only seen one iridium flare and it does sound like one but suppose it could have been the satellite what colour was it?
  11. Hello Deb welcome to SGL someone on here will know the answer to your questions.
  12. Does anyone know how far south the aurora will be visible from tonight if it is as strong as it is predicted, anyone think it will be visible from 55% north?
  13. Just an update for you guys it still seems a bit bright on the planets but it did give me a couple of good shots of the moon just using the xp software.
  14. Thanks Steep that worked! hopefully this will help me focus it as well as when I tried the other night I had to give up. Will keep you posted.
  15. Hi and welcome you should be able to find out all you need from this site all the members are very helpful. (although some of the answers we get can be a bit daunting someone on here will have it for you) Good luck with your new hobby you have chosen well.
  16. Thanks Guys Dazzio i have an old computer that runs on xp and it works on that so that's ok however just to let you all know I seem to have cocked up a bit. After going back to Morgan's it seems they will flash the camera for you so that the camera actually thinks it is t scp900 this is then allegedly compatible with windows vista when you download the drivers from the phillips support page. However i also bought the adaptor which as far as i can see will not screw into the front of the camera i have tried to take the lens cap off but this does not budge so that's annoying everyone on here says the adaptor will screw straight in to the lens, if anyone knows what i'm doing wrong or how it fits i would be grateful to hear. John thanks for the advice on the software i will definately go for these.
  17. Thanks Dazzio looks like i need to go back to XP to sort this out looks like vista doesn't support this camera!!!!! And Luke good picture never thought about using the zoom function to be honest although i am not sure the 350d has it but i will look. Will keep you updated as to what i find out cheers.
  18. I have just bought the spc880 will this not work on vista then? I have tried but to no avail do i need xp?
  19. Hi I have now received the webcam however to download the drivers it says I need to flash the webcam first. I have no idea what this means can anyone help.
  20. Thanks for the answers everyone I have now invested in a phillips webcam which i am hoping will turn up this week Keith I already have a 2x barlow which I attach to the camera but this doesn't really help to be honest. J I will let you know how i get on with this, but just to let you know the DSLR has given me some good pics of deep sky objects I just need to learn how to use the software properly now. I have downloaded registax in anticipation of the webcam. Mick
  21. Hi Can anyone help me out here i have been trying to image Jupiter and not for the want of trying it just never seems to work i have a canon 350d and have tried all the settings and i have numerous filters all of which just seem to distort the colours and most of the pictures come out to bright with no detail. Any tips would be gratefully recieved.
  22. Thanks all seems you have cleared that little mystery up for me cheers.
  23. Hi George Thanks for that i can honestly say i have never witnessed anything like this it was really briliantly white and was worth seeing it's a shame its cloudy where you are. The clouds are starting to roll in up here to now. Do these happen very often?
  24. Hi all I have just been looking at Jupiter and at about 18:19 between Jupiter and Orion practically dead centre of the two. There was a sudden flare of brilliant white light which then slowly faded away. Now i am familiar with most things in the night sky but I have to say this has me stumpted it was not a military or distress flare as it did not move. Did anyone else see this and if anyone has an explanation I would like hear your thoughts. Ps i am in Sunderland.
  25. I like most enjoyed the fact this was on TV and will probably spark some interest from would be stargazers as some of the content was very useful for beginners however I would have liked to have seen more on the types of telescopes and what you can expect to see through them. And why did they only have Mark when they could have had others all over Britain where there would have been a better chance of clear skies if one was covered in cloud.
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