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  1. Thanks Mr Spock for your reply. So, not all ND 5's are created equally! But, no, I never did try that. I do value my cameras very much. That much UV & IR would fry my sensors. I guess I just couldn't figure out why they both had the same 'label' and each be different type. Kinda like calling a camera a camera. You still have to ask if it's an SLR,DSLR,Point & shoot and so on. But, to some, who only deal with camera filters for camera lenses, it's easy to think that ND 5 is just that, ND 5, period. And since cameras and scopes are commonly used together, there really should be a be
  2. Thank you Ouroboros, I did not know the logarithmic. It's just that many people are firm on using ND 5 to make their own filters for any optical device. And I understand that. I had a ND 5 filter I purchased and of course I could see nothing except the sun. My filters for my camera, I can. I was just wondering if the "ND 5" for scopes may be different than "ND 5" for cameras? I don't know. If it is the same then please forgive my ignorance... Also, you were not repeating what others have said. You were the first to reply(therefore the quickest), so thank you again.
  3. Before I continue, I do know ND is neutral density. But my question.... It seems to be common knowledge that a filter of level ND 5 is needed when viewing the sun. My ND filters for my camera are ND 2,ND 4, ND 6, and so on. So can I use one of these to view/photograph the sun? If not, what is the difference between my ND camera filters and the other ND filter/film sheets everyone bought for the eclipse? I'm sorry but I am new to any photography with telescopes. It's almost embarrassing to say it's been in storage. So, Thank you to anyone and everyone that can help!
  4. Thank you for responding so quick! Thanks for the info. About the ND, is that Neutral Density? Because I have ND filters I use for many outdoor photo projects(of course, they are only 58mm). Maybe B&H or Adorama has them? About the sensor deal, I've seen some folks mention using an extension to get a better view. But to answer your question, No, I have not tried the camera on the scope. Haven't received the T-ring and adapter yet. But I also am getting the extension with it, just in case. I guess we'll see.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm new here. So my question or questions may sound kinda ignorant. The answers may be a little obvious. I love this site and have read so many comments and learned so much! Anyway, I have a Canon 60D camera with live-view. I have a Tasco reflector with D=114mm F=900mm(this maybe a little small?). I will be using a T-ring/adapter and with this I hope to capture many decent photos. But for the eclipse, do need a special filter for the scope or the camera or both? If so, could you give suggestions where to get this? Thanks to everyone for any help!
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