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  1. Folks, Can someone solve my problem? I want to purchase an iOptron CEM60 Mount and attach it to a Celestron CGE Heavy Duty Tripod in order to avoid purchasing a new tripod to solve the problem. Attached is a photo of an iOptron Top plate used to attach to the mount. How do I attach itb to the tripod base in the picture? Thank you. Joe Pellicone
  2. Yes, that is the plate I bought but I don't see how it attaches to the Celestron tripod. Attached is a photo of what it needs to attach to. Do you have a CEM60 you could take a picture of the bottom? Thanks.
  3. I am attempting to have made for me an adapter plate in order to purchase an iOptron CEM60 mount to use with a Celestron CGE heavy duty tripod. The place doing the fabrication needs a drawing of the base of the mount showing the size and location of the mating holes. There is not such a drawing even from iOptron. Could one of you set the mount on its side and take a picture of the bottom of the base and just provide the dimensions. I think they can work with that. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. Joe Pellicone
  4. I don't think I can tap the holes but I will look into the Avalon T-pod/130 kit. Thank you.
  5. Can I get any and all comments on this scope as I am seriously considering it. Looks like a lot of scope for the money. Thank you for your responses!
  6. All,Before I sink $329.00 (Amazon) on the Celestron StarSense Automatic Alignment Telescope Accessory, do any of you have this accessory for your CGE mounted telescope? I have a Celestron CGE1100 SCT and I want to make sure it works well on the CGE telescopes. The CGEs are included on the list of compatible scopes but it would be good to hear from someone who loves this thing as apparently many do. In addition to its usefulness for night viewing, is it effective in any way for daytime viewing i.e. the sun? My telescope, which I paid well over four thousand dollars for is no longer supported mu
  7. Sky & Telescope offered the following for a Daytime Polar Alignment procedure: 'One good way is to use the Sun. Carefully level your mount with a bubble level and set the polar axis to the latitude of your site. Hang a weighted string from the mount (between the tripod legs) and lay a protractor on the ground,centered under the string. Rotate the protractor until the string’s shadow points to the Sun’s known azimuth (measured from north through east) plus 180°. Finally, swivel the mount until the polar axis stands directly above 0° on the protractor. [/B]You are now polar-aligned.'
  8. I am trying to get ready for the Aug. 21 eclipse. I have been using my 40 mm eyepiece but the sun is too large in the viewing area. I'm afraid I would miss much of the corona during totality. What size eyepiece would fit the sun about the size of a quarter or half dollar in the viewing area? Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know where I can get or have repaired a hand controller for my CGE1100 telescope.*I checked through the entire internet with no luck. I have a $4000 telescope that is dead in the water without a working controller. The arrow buttons on mine work but I can't get anything on the display. Help!
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