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  1. Hello all, I was out last night and spent quite a few hours drift aligning my setup to try and get some decent exposures on M45 only to find light pollution restricted me to 30s . I know the snow won't be helping but it got me wondering how much others are restricted by it and how far you can push the exposure before the LP ruins the data. I've done a quick stack and there's some serious gradients. Think a CLS clip filter is needed. Thanks
  2. Thanks Tom I'll give that a try it is very odd! It's only the RA axis though the dec is spot on when I rotate it round to where it should have gone. Tracking is great too until I try using Guiding. It's been a night of much frustration lol. I reset cdc config and setup ASTROEQ using the config tool incase anything had gone corrupt there but didn't think to look for eqmod reset. I'm all warm in the house now so will try tomorrow if we get a clear patch. Cheers
  3. So turns out it's the ra axis going the wrong way when slewing but tracking is ok... Any ideas anyone? Used it all before and apart from rigging down and back up nothing has changed
  4. Tried to have a session tonight and could not get the scope to slew to targets using cdc. Was just going random places but when I got to a target the tracking was really good. I'm confused... Any ideas? Both axis are way off when cdc shows it has reached the target. I've used the setup before very successfully so I'm puzzled
  5. Love the title of this thread! I think for a first scope aperture is most important to get bit by the astronomy bug. I had a 200p on an eq mount and it was great for visual observing but I soon learnt that with astrophotography aperture is not that important and requires a very expensive mount to carry the weight I wish I had bought a 200p dob as my first scope as I would probably still have it.
  6. Thanks just need a good clear night now get the polar alignment spot on. I will be so happy when that is done for the last time! Just need to find the program to perfect it. Heard of a couple but not sure which is best. Any ideas anyone?
  7. Up and running at last! Took some getting there and still lots of finishing touches left to do. Thanks for all the help
  8. Need to get myself a heq5 mount. Got the permanent setup now and the weakest link is my mount head.
  9. Ha not half! Without Sgl I would be sat with my old 200p miles out of collimation on a mount that isn't polar aligned scanning for objects in the wrong place
  10. Skills mate. Didn't realise you could push a canon up round 6 minutes. Thought that was CCD territory.. I'm still playing at it with 30s and 60s lol
  11. That's great. You using a CCD now Quatermass?
  12. Thanks Jim. Just wish I'd have spent longer on it! Packed up early as I only went out to try Astroeq. Another hour and it could have been a much better attempt but I'll know in future to spend as long as I can on stuff. All part of the learning curve I guess.
  13. Not been on this thread for a while. Good to see its still going strong finally got Astro eq set up on a permanent setup and it's working perfectly. I'm amazed how accurate it is with cdc. Had a good scan round the other day and thought I'd try andromeda. After a slow slew there it was bang smack in the centre. Thought I'd have a go at imaging for the first time using AstroEQ, here is the result, only my third image so forgive the basic processing! Thanks everyone for all the help getting up and running
  14. I had a few hours yesterday with the pst. Looks great up there at the moment
  15. Ha yeah. Yesterday wasn't much fun . Back to xp now so I'm up and running again hopefully phd will play more friendly. Not sure what was going off with eqmod.. Tried 2 versions but still no joy. I've been slewing at clear Bly skies for the last hour hopefully it will stay clear when it gets dark! Might be asking too much there though. Looks like a few hour with the PST this afternoon
  16. Yeah that was the original plan but thought I'd just move everything over and do away with xp as phd isn't too stable on there. I've slept now so might have an hour trying to find out what's happening with eqmod later, as Mark says it's all good fun!
  17. Ha that's what I was trying to do all afternoon. It works on xp but it's glitchy. Moved everything over to windows 7 now eqmod just keeps flashing up because I can't set it to astroeq AND my guide camera isn't supported in win 7 lol. Threw the towel in anyway after 4 hours, never mind it's cloudy anyway
  18. I just hate windows in general today lol. Just installed everything on win 7 but the setup eqascom won't load so I can't use it anyway! I give up lol. Looks like its a night with the trusty dual axis handset :s
  19. And it's working perfect under windows 7
  20. I can't seem to find the gear ratios? Have you got them to hand please Tom? The reverse axis is ment to be off I believe? Cheers
  21. Guess I could just use config utility on a win 7 then just use the Astro eq as normal on my xp machine. That will work won't it?
  22. Just seen this post tom, thanks I'll copper up and get win 7 if that irradiates it. Could do with it anyway
  23. Thank you. I'll get a few to try, the one I'm using at the moment is quite long as it goes from the warm room to where the scope is. I'll try a short one and see what it throws up I've not had chance to use the Astro eq on a clear night but I've had it working a few months ago in the conservatory. I'm reluctant to use it till it's updated with all the extra bug fixes tom has ironed out over the last couple of month. I'll see what tomorrow brings did you use the eq5 board version in the configuration utility? Cheers
  24. Thanks rich. I did try this because that's what eventually got me through the process last time. Looks like another few hours wiggling wires lol
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